If your house is small, then you probably want to make it seem larger and less cramped. A compact hallway leading into your property, for example, can cause the rest of your living space to feel tiny and claustrophobic. One proven way to create the appearance of space indoors is to trick the mind into believing that there is a window on the wall. A window mirror, or mirror that resembles a window, does precisely that – with designs featuring conventional window frame components, like separated panes. The crittall window style mirror is one such example, which can increase the perceived size of your living area by making you think that you are looking outdoors.

A Range of Applications

In the past, window mirrors tended to be used in gardens, however they have been embraced by interior designers over recent years. A shabby chic large white mirror will beautify any wall, and give your home a wonderful ambiance. A beautiful French window mirror adds a contemporary sense of style, and is perfect for reflecting sunlight. This creates the illusion of space beyond the room it is used in.

A round metal wall mirror or black window mirror can be effective in dark, small living spaces, and at the end of hallways. These fixtures are highly versatile and look fantastic in virtually any room of your property – be it your lounge, dining room, kitchen or entrance hall.

Window Mirror

Inspiration to get you Started

One way to simulate the appearance of a window in your home is to suspend drapery on a pole over a decent-sized mirror. This can give the wall additional depth and make the room feel more open-plan. Here’s some more arrangement ideas that capture the essence of a room with a window:

  • Fasten a big mirror onto the wall opposite a bed or sofa, then add blinds or wooden shutters over it to make it look like a window.
  • In a guest room or living room without any windows, a mirror with separated panes can be mounted next to your bed, sofa or chair. Curtains can be hung on this mirror, in the same way that they would be on a normal window.
  • In a bathroom or kitchen, mount a window-sized mirror by the sink, then position an attractive plant close by. The plant will be reflected in the mirror, giving the impression that there’s some greenery protruding indoors.

Taking an Artistic Approach

As well as making smaller rooms appear more spacious, mirrors in larger rooms reflect the light coming from normal windows – when correctly positioned. A shabby chic large white mirror placed opposite a natural window enhances light that enters the room. In addition, it increases the available views, allowing you to look out of your home – regardless of where you are seated. This method can be used for artistic purposes too – a round metal wall mirror positioned at the right angle, opposite a window, produces a new work of art each day. It reflects the joyous sunshine during the summer, the warm and vibrant colours of autumn, the blossoming flowers of spring, and the snow during winter. This way, you will never tire of the sight of your wall, or need to purchase any art to decorate it. You can multiply this effect in an interesting manner, by using several smaller mirrors to play off the light.

room no window

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

If you wished, you could use a black window mirror in the way described above, with pieces of art that you actually own. Position the mirror so it faces your favourite canvas, enabling it to be seen from any location in the room. With artwork that is hung on the same wall as a window, you could mount a mirror on the wall opposite – positioned halfway between them. This enables you to alter the view, based on the angle you look at the mirror. A wonderful selection of views, featuring your favourite artwork and the outdoor scenery, can be created like this. Window mirrors are ideal for transforming blank walls into picturesque displays. When used in this manner, they can make your garden visible from your living room wall.

A Helping Hand

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