Many people will turn to a professional when it comes to framing a picture. This can be advisable if you are talking about an expensive work of art or an antique where special consideration will need to be taken into account. That said, many picture frames in the UK are entirely suitable for amateurs so you do not need a professional for all but the trickiest types of picture.

Certainly, if you are looking for a solid wood photo frame, for example, to mount a portrait or a family group photograph, then framing it yourself will make a lot of sense. After all, there are many affordable photo frames around that are incredibly smart in their appearance and easy to use. No one would ever know you had framed your picture yourself – unless you choose to tell them, that is!

Read on to find out why else framing a picture under your own steam makes so much sense.

A Personal Touch

As mentioned, affordable photo frames make mounting a picture yourself a much more cost-effective option than having one made and mounted for you. However, you should not think that self-mounted picture frames in the UK are all about saving a few pounds! To put it simply, when you mount a picture yourself, you are putting something of yourself into it. Think of it as a kind of investment in what you are doing, something you can admire for years on end.

Anyone who creates their own art, either with paints or with photography, is likely to have spent a lot of time considering the composition of the image, the colour palette and the subject matter. Put like that, why would you de-personalise the whole experience by having someone else mount your picture for you? By doing it yourself, you can stand back and admire all of your handiwork safe in the knowledge that you saw the project through from the initial concept right through to the final, glorious display.

Echtholz 3er Bilderrahmen für 10x15 Bilder mit Plexiglasscheibe - Holz Natur - Rahmenbreite 2cm

Mounting Is Easy

Although framing a picture can be time-consuming when you are handling certain types of thickly applied paints on antique canvases, bear in mind that sketches, photos, watercolours and prints are all easy enough to mount on your own. A typical solid wood photo frame, for example, will simply unclip from the back allowing you easy access.

All you need to do is to place your image inside and line it up so that it looks right. Then, push the image and the back of the frame onto the glass at the front. Check everything is still aligned properly and then clip the back of the frame into its housing. There really isn’t much more to it than that with modern affordable photo frames.

Remember that you don’t even need to put up a hook these days to hand your frame from because there are plenty of temporary adhesive strips you can use instead. These won’t leave a mark on your wall when you eventually decide to take your frame down.

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