Shape is a major consideration when choosing mirrors, and it might just be wise to note that round mirrors are a little more popular than their angular rivals – and that trend seems set to continue. Mirrors naturally come in many shapes, sizes, and orientations according to their function. But whether framed, hanging, convex or bevelled, its the fabulously simple form of a round mirror which instantly gives any room a new focus. Round mirrors always integrate well, which means they generally offer the most versatile design solutions, while adding an air of elegance too.

There is a broad choice of styles to choose from, with everything from rustic wood to a classic round black mirror through to full-on gilded sparkle. Any living space can accommodate a round mirror, and it’s a simple and very affordable way to revitalize and add dimension to an interior. Here are some ideas from the Casa Chic team to get you thinking creatively about choosing mirrors for your home.

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Brighten Up the Porch

The front entrance to your home is the perfect spot for a round metal wall mirror. Its reflective surface will open up what can be a dark space, and also provide a visual centrepiece which can immediately set the tone for your entire interior furnishing concept. And don’t forget its essential function: a place to have one final check on how your hair, dress and makeup look before you dash off into the world. Take care how you hang a round wall mirror in the hall entrance. You really need something like an eye-catching piece of furniture beneath, or perhaps a convenient bench where you can take shoes on and off. Those who want a head to toe check really need some kind of oversized mirror with plenty of glass which could sit much lower on your wall and really brighten the whole space.

Round Mirrors For The Bathroom

Beautiful round mirrors were created to add a touch of opulence to a bathroom, and switching your mirror is also a very cost-effective way to increase the lifespan of your existing décor without some kind of major refurbishment. Consider going for something in a circular format above your bathroom basin. If you have a pedestal-style sink, choose a round mirror in a matching size. But if you have a full vanity unit, the best choice is usually a round mirror which looks slightly smaller than the unit itself. Don’t forget the function of your room will demand a large, reflective mirror. This will create an atmosphere of spa-like elegance which will make your family and guests feel amazingly comfortable. Bathroom practicalities can often make such a room feel cramped and full of right angles, so a well-chosen mirror can help to soften these perspectives and add a welcome sense of depth.

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Mirrors in The Living Room

Your living room walls may already display artwork that reflects your taste and personality but remember your choice of mirror can make a signature statement too. And apart from adding that essential focal point, a good-sized round metal mirror, for example, can also alter perceptions of your room space, making it appear to stretch and expand beyond your boundary walls. The first decision is often exactly where to place your mirror – a common choice being above your sofa or fireplace. Mantels often create a square, solid-looking feel and something circular and elegant like a Round French Window Mirror with sectioned panes can soften the look while also introducing a new and slightly unexpected feature to your interior.

Round Mirrors for a Bedroom

A bedroom mirror reflects the character of a space. In a child’s bedroom, for example, you could use a port-hole style round wall mirror as part of a nautical theme or beach-style design. One option with a main bedroom is to hang a classic, bevelled-edge Vintage Shabby Chic Wall Mirror over your dresser to add a simple yet ultra-sophisticated touch of elegance. And if you prefer a mirror which grabs attention, then a striking round metal mirror – or even a contrasting round black mirror – positioned above your headboard will add a defining accent to complement your decorative scheme.

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Mirrors for A Hallway

You can use mirrors in a hallway or corridor to help create an illusion of space, and also to brighten up any area with limited natural light. And corners or transition areas are places where a stylish, well-positioned mirror will always make an impression – a round black mirror, for instance, to set a formal tone, or a bright, decorative round metal mirror to create a more light-hearted atmosphere. A hallway can also present an opportunity to mount three small, complementary round mirrors lengthways on a wall or pillar to add some character to an otherwise empty space.

Casa Chic Boutique design and manufacture a bespoke range of wall mirrors UK. If you have any questions, the team are always happy to lend a hand. If you can’t decide yourself,  let us help you make a statement with one of our fabulous round wall mirrors!

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