Considering hanging a gorgeous new timepiece in your home?

Clocks are often viewed as outdated and will stay hanging in the same spot for years, getting grubby, losing time and frankly, being a bit of an eye sore.

What many don’t realise, is that wall clocks are an interior designer’s secret weapon. Large wall clocks can add flair to a living space, brighten up a boring kitchen or be a helpful and attractive wall furnishing in the hallway.

For inspiration, check out our affordable collection of wall clocks. Once you have obtained your fancy new wall clock, the next question is where do you hang it?

Read on to find out exactly where – and where not – you should be hanging your wall clock.

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The Question of Fortune

To begin with, there is the issue of the most propitious place to mount a clock on your home’s walls. Of course, some people will not worry about design principles like Feng Shui and simply put their clock up on a wall they think will look best for it.

However, some people prefer to pay more attention to the rules that govern where to place timepieces. If you fall into that category having purchased one of our clocks online, then it will be best to choose a northerly wall since this is said to be the best place for assuring luck and wealth. Equally, some people regard it as unlucky to place a wall-mounted clock over a threshold, such as a doorway. That said, it really comes down to whether or not you think a clock can bring you good or bad fortune. If you don’t believe it will, then you are not going to be hampered by these interior design rules.

Opposites Attract

If you have chosen a clock that you like the look of, then it stands to reason that you will want to admire it in your home. This means that it will often be best to mount your clock onto a wall that is opposite where you normally sit.

In a dining room, this might be the longest wall which has the greatest number of dining chairs facing it. In your living room, it will probably be the wall that is opposite your sofa. The same effect also comes about in bedrooms. Although placing a clock on the wall above your headboard makes a real statement, you will hardly ever be able to see it when you are in bed. Instead, placing it on the opposite wall at the foot of the bed will mean you can continue to gain pleasure from your clock morning, noon and night.

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Make a Feature of a Feature Wall

There are some great ways that you can have a feature wall make a real statement if you make use of the right sort of clock. Our oversized wall clock in black is ideal because of the transparent design. Any feature wall with a bold colour will look even more attractive when you hang an oversized wall clock.

A beautiful large metal wall clock will also look good when mounted on a tiled wall or a wallpapered feature wall. It will look particularly effective when it is hung over a painted wall with a bright tone that is different from every other surface in the room.

Have some fun

Here is the funny thing about clocks that are designed to be mounted on walls – you do not always have to put them up in the most conventional manner at all. So, instead of hanging a clock like a picture with its back to the wall and its face standing out, you could mount your sideways on.

Not all clocks are suited to a wall side-mounting but many are and this will mean you can see yours more easily if you happen to be close to the wall. This approach means the clock stands out, protruding from your wall more like a suspended sign. Want to be able to see the time in a corridor or a passageway without having to crane your neck?

If so, a wall-mounted clock with a face that is at right angles to the wall, rather than flush with it, may be the very thing to set your home off perfectly.

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

At the end of the day, it is sometimes best to go with convention. Sure, you may want to mount your clock on its chosen wall in a quirky manner, perhaps off-centre or at an unusual height. However, your wall-mounted clock is also likely to look just as good placed centrally over the focal point in your room, usually above a mantelpiece on the chimney breast of a fireplace.

Tried-and-tested mountings are just as valid as original ones, after all.

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