A mirror brings a little bit of magic to any interior design. Over the centuries they have adorned the walls of the wealthy. Because they were expensive to make, they mainly featured in famous palaces or stately homes and were only for the rich. Fortunately, during the 19th century, the silvered glass version was invented. As a result mass manufacturing techniques improved and they become far more affordable. Today customers are spoiled for choice. It’s important not to compromise on quality. When shopping around it’s worth giving some thought to the style and finish of the frame. The final intended location in the home will also be a critical factor in selecting the right shape and size.

How to make the best choice

Understanding what the mirror is going to be used for is the key to achieving the desired look in any room. Whether it is intended to be functional or decorative, or both, the purpose will be an important consideration when choosing the best style. A large one hung on a chimney breast, or over a mantelpiece reflects light into the room. It is can also be a statement piece as well as providing a beautiful focal point. Different types of frames enhance the mood of the space. Ornate, heavy-frames are reminiscent of Venetian mansions and French chateaux. Painted wood frames effortlessly channel shabby chic for a more relaxed feel. Frameless and those with slimline metal frames suit houses with edgy, urban minimalist colour schemes.

Weißer Shabby Chic Spiegel zum Hinstellen oder Aufhängen - Handgefertigt - Barock - Groß - 130x45 cm - Antik Weiß - Facettenschliff

Location, location, location!

Followers of the Chinese art of Feng Shui will position their mirrors carefully. The ancient practice aims to harmonise the object and its reflections to maximise the flow of good energy in the home. A full length mirror adds the impression of additional space to even the smallest of rooms. One can be fixed to the wall or they can also be free-standing. The choice the buyer makes will mainly depend on the arrangement of furniture and available space. Safety considerations will need to be taken into account in homes where there are pets or children. A large metal wall mirror could be the safest option if it’s a busy home or heavy traffic area. The natural light that is reflected off a full length mirror will bring brightness and a touch of sophistication to any room. A good place for these is often upstairs in a dressing room or bedroom. It’s the only way of getting a proper view of how an outfit looks from all sides. Another good place for a full length mirror is downstairs in the entrance hall. A large metal wall mirror is absolutely ideal for a tighter space like the ground floor lobby. Hanging it by the front door increases the light in what can be a darker space. Family members can give themselves the once over in it before leaving the house. This placement also amplifies lighting which creates a welcoming ambience and great sense of space for visitors.

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