Mirrors are some of the most powerful décor items in your toolkit. They add spaciousness, act as colour accents, and can even double up as artworks. They’re a decorator’s dream solution when dealing with difficult spaces like hallways and corridors. Mirrors in the UK are particularly helpful in narrow entryways that lack natural lighting. They reflect better than any other surface and can add depth to a narrow space in the home .

mirror in corridor

Where Should You Place a Mirror?

Mirrors might be aesthetic superstars, but they have a practical benefit as well: Full-length options let you check your outfit before you go out. If you’ve ever discovered toothpaste on your shirt after an important interview, you already know how crucial a mirror in the hallway is!

Your choice of mirrors in the UK should serve the dimensions of your space. A long, narrow entryway benefits from a wide landscape mirror or a few portrait-styled options placed next to one another. As a rule, wide, short mirrors add width to short hallways, while tall portrait mirrors lengthen low-ceilinged rooms.

The Best Hallway Mirror for Expanding Your Room

Small accent mirrors can add spaciousness to your hallway. This simple swathe of glass will perfectly reflect light if it’s close enough to a light source.  That’s why you’ll often see a circular mirror placed next to doorways and opposite living areas. Make the most of your bespoke reflections by hanging them opposite your brightest room or LED light source. The twinkling of a mosaik spiegel will add magic to your hallway. 

The Best Hallway Mirror to imitate Windows

If you’re looking for extra realism, a Crittall window style mirror can bring the outside into your small hallway. These sleek designs suit a minimalist or Japanese décor style, but they’re equally at home in a warehouse-style or contemporary space. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a windowpane arch, this is your opportunity to gain the look without breaking down your walls. Crittall mirrors can also open up a small entryway when placed along the edges of your doorway. If you’re more of a boho chic person, try a round mirror.

Working with Round Mirror Styles

Round mirrors can add a minimalist edge to contemporary spaces, but they require a little finesse. Large circular mirrors add drama to simple décor, so use them to reflect a beautiful flower arrangement or light fixture. This shape is all the rage in hallway design right now. It’s the perfect way to add extra space to the end of your corridor. The bigger your hallway, the larger your mirror needs to be, so don’t be scared of adding oversized designs to airy spaces.

Mirrors are more than mere vanity objects. Decorators adore them for excellent reasons. They’re a powerful way to bring elegance and airiness to your hallway. They can enhance your décor while adding light, so go ahead. Add some sparkle!

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