Choosing a perfect frame for your pictures is largely dependent on two factors; the kind of décor you want to complement and the style of your photo. Whether you want to display the best of your most cherished photos or you want to preserve a precious piece of art, there is always an ideal picture frame for the job.

In this post, you will find a breakdown of different types of picture frames that are in style for modern and chic homes.

solid wood picture frame

Solid Wood Photo Frame

If you are looking for a frame with a warm and elegant feel, then a solid wood photo frame is the most suitable choice. This type of picture frame comes with a matte finish and wide-ranging options to complement your photos. From dark and light-coloured options to those with warmer and cooler tones, there is always a solid wood frame ideal for your home.

When choosing a wood frame, however, it is fundamental that you take into consideration the rest of your room’s décor. Wood frames are available with both intricate and ornate detailing or a more simple and sleek finish. You want to choose a design that will complement your décor to give your space that elegant look. 

collage photo frame UK

Collage Photo Frame

These are probably the most popular modern picture frames in the UK. They not only have a modern and trendy vibe, but they are also very practical. If you are wondering how easy is it to display a group of pictures or photos of your loved ones, then you might want to try using collage frames.

These frames go well with almost everything. They can work perfectly with wedding photos, graduation photos, and family portraits. You can also have them in any finishing or material. Collage picture frames also blend well when put next to a wall mirror.

a4 photo frame

a4 photo frames

In addition to being highly affordable photo frames, A4 photo frames are also the most popular size in the UK. They are versatile and the right size to fit perfectly in any home.

A4 photo frames are also the ideal size to buy as a gift as they can be easily hung or placed on your friend’s mantelpiece, bedside table or dining room.  

Even in a small space, A4 photo frames give your walls a classy feel. We stock a selection of A4 photo frames in different colours to help give your home a stylish and appealing look.

Casa Chic Boutique Picture Frames UK

At Casa Chic Boutique, we not only design but also manufacture our photo frames – this is what makes our collection stand out in the UK market.  All of our frames are skilfully crafted, hand-finished, and come complete with wall fittings.

Casa Chic Boutique stock affordable Picture Frames to help make your home special. For updates (including discount codes!) and the best of the Casa Chic Boutique blog – sign up to our newsletter

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