An “accent mirror” is the term to describe a decorative mirror which is used to create a focal point in a room.  Often used in interior design, mirrors are a great way to add an interesting accent to a space and can be used to brighten a room, create a statement, and help make your home feel bigger.

Accent mirrors are useful to help you utilise an empty wall space and can be paired with artwork too. Given that almost any wall mounted mirror can make a dramatic effect, you could say that any carefully positioned one will create an accent. So, if you are wondering what exactly makes a particular mirror an “accent mirror”, then you should understand that it could be any one of several factors.

For example, a long mirror for a wall might be great for getting dressed in front of but if you placed it horizontally in a corridor, then it would create an instant accent. Equally, an overmantle mirror that is hung in a kitchen or a bathroom instead of a living room can offer the same sort of eye-catching results. Given that context is everything with interior design, what are the most common types of accent mirrors available today?

Miroir Français Rond - 90 cm de Diamètre  - Bois Massif - Blanc

Decorative Mirrors

To begin with, not all mirrors are practical. Some offer an accent to a room because they are very decorative. For instance, our elegant tree branch design accent wall mirror with its wonderful, decorative inlay sets it apart from other large metal wall mirrors. You can obtain a similar effect with our superb round French window mirrors. When hung in a dark room without much natural light, they provide a bright feature that emulates the sense of natural light flooding in. This sort of mirror is also a good way to hide any imperfections you may have in your wall, such as gouges. Why not use a decorative mirror to make an accent out of a place you currently don’t like looking at?

Backlit Mirrors

Perhaps one of the best means you have at your disposal to make an accent with a mirror is to combine one with lighting. So-called Hollywood mirrors are arranged with lights all around them and they are great for putting makeup on or doing your hair but they create an accent, too, especially in a guest bedroom that you want to add a touch of glamour to. However, Hollywood mirrors throw their light out. Backlit wall mirrors do the reverse to create their accent. Essentially, they create a wall wash of light that makes the whole reflective surface sparkle and shimmer with light, the perfect thing for dining rooms and snugs for a bit of evening sophistication.

Free-Standing Mirrors

It is probably worth underlining that it is not just wall mounted mirrors that are capable of creating an accent. Free-standing mirrors can be just as dramatic and trendy! You will love our vintage French-style free-standing mirror because it makes such a bold statement. However, you can also hang it as a shabby chic wall mirror if you like. Why not buy two and use one as a free-standing mirror and the other as an accent shabby chic wall mirror? Paired this way, they’re sure to make any room come alive with light.

Designer Mirrors

Designer mirrors are usually deployed in rooms which have a sense of grandeur. In other words, if you want to add a little vitality to a room, a designer mirror with an elaborate design will be the very thing. They are ideal in reception rooms where your guests will see it and you can showcase your sense of interior style best. Of course, designer mirrors come in many styles so you are bound to find one that suits your current interior décor. Our charcoal and silver large French vintage shabby chic mirror is the sort of designer product that will hit the right tone in many homes. You’ll love the elegant, wide frame as much as the light-catching bevelled edges of the mirror itself.

Framed Mirrors

When a mirror is framed with a beautiful material, it can really stand out from the crowd. Take our rose gold wall mirror, for example, which is carefully electroplated to provide a tarnish-free frame that will look stunning for a lifetime. This large metal wall mirror will ‘pop’ whether it is mounted on a plainly painted wall to offer it an accent or placed against decorative wallpaper.

tree branch mirror

Dramatic Mirrors

Finally, it is worth stating that any mirror can add drama to the decorative style of your room if you place it in the right setting. That said, some mirrors are more dramatic than others to begin with. Therefore, if you want the ultimate accent mirror for your home, then the best thing is to opt for a product that is already dramatic in its own right. Something like our distressed wood wall mirror in white would certainly fit the bill in this regard. It has premium bevelled edges and can be hung in any orientation.

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