Mirrors have undergone an evolution of epic proportions from pools of still water to polished metals to the glass ones we have today. They have also carved an essential niche for themselves in interior design and personal grooming today. Other than being used to check appearances, they are also used to amplify a room and create the illusion of space. Large metal wall mirrors help the Feng Shui of your home and create harmony with the environment.

Wall vs Free Standing Mirror: which is best for you?

Wall and Free standing mirrors stand out as the two main types you are likely to buy. While there are no ‘wrong’ options, they are designed to be used in different ways. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make the absolute best choice for your home.

Wall mirror UK

They are intended to be hung or mounted on the wall. They work well in rooms of all shapes and sizes without taking up any floor space because they are mounted and can be an excellent option for someone with a smaller home. Explore our collection of wall-mirrors and find something just for you. When getting a wall looking-glass, you should consider:

wall mirror

1. The shape

There are three basic shapes that you can choose from – round, angular, and abstract. Round and angular shaped glasses are mainly functional, while abstract shaped ones are mostly decorative. If you want to soften the look of an angular room, then round is the way to go. An angular large metal wall mirror, on the other hand, will give an orderly look to an otherwise whimsical room. However, you don’t have to be restrained in terms of shape. Unleash your creative side and create any profile you like using multiple mirrors.

2. The size

This is one of the cases where size does indeed matter. Small ones can be used as accents and can easily be grouped to create a focal point for a room while extra-large ones can double up as part of the background of the room and make space appear larger. When you are hanging a looking glass above a piece of furniture, a good rule of thumb is to have it be around 2/3 the size of the furniture. Bedroom mirrors are mostly used when getting dressed and its generally better to have large ones, Check out the perfect large reflectors for your home.
Take careful note of the wall you have selected as a small looking glass on a large wall will look lost and insignificant.

shabby chic mirror gold
wall mirror uk

3. Placement

Wall mirrors can be used to fill a specific gap in your home or can be hung above furniture or on a gallery wall. Placing one near a window or in a position where it can effectively maximize the natural light will make for a stunning display. Ensure that the wall can also fully support it and it’s mounted securely, or it could all come crashing down.

Free Standing Mirror

Freestanding mirrors are usually full-length and do not need to be mounted. They have a larger footprint and are, therefore, better suited to larger rooms. You can check out our best floor standing mirrors for something that suits you. When getting a freestanding looking-glass, you should consider:

Floor Standing Mirror

1. The frame

The beauty of any free standing glass comes from its frame and can complement the style of the room. Gilded frames will work well for a rustic interior and give the room a classy look. Wooden frames are far more versatile and can easily be customized to meet the needs of the room while frameless ones are often used to create the illusion of space.

2. Size

A massive and ornate mirror with an eye-catching frame will play enter stage in your decoration and will work wonderfully with large furnishings. A ‘smaller’ one will work well in a room with small and straightforward furnishings and will support the rest of your décor.

floor standing mirror
floor standing mirror sliver

3. Placement

As when buying a home, location is also vital when figuring out where to position your looking glass. The best choice is where it can maximize natural light; try placing it between two windows or directly across a window. If the natural light you receive is insufficient, try putting it where it will receive direct overhead or wall lighting.

The beauty of a mirror is in their stunning, clear reflective surface. A dirty mirror can completely ruin your home’s aesthetics, so read our tips on how to clean a mirror and be sure to invest in a good cleaning cloth and glass cleaner for the best effect.

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