If you’re looking to upgrade your décor, then the most recent trend you can try is round mirrors. These statement pieces have proven to be a versatile option and for a good reason. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative, creating a smooth, elegant and sophisticated effect. The key here lies in pairing the right mirror with the right location to maximise its décor-uplifting potential. Here, we share some of our favourite ideas for using round mirrors to bring classic elegance to your home or space, like a beauty parlour or hotel lobby.

Miroir Français Rond - 90 cm de Diamètre  - Bois Massif - Blanc

Make an entrance

Sometimes, despite the amount you invest in lighting or art to liven up your hallways, they may still seem gloomy, dark and dull. This round French window mirror will bounce light from other areas and create a sense of balance and harmony, making the hallway more connected to the rest of the space.

Ensure the mirror captures any light streaming in. After all, its beauty is best magnified by good lighting. Don’t worry if your place has little or no natural lighting. Overhead lighting facing the mirror will equally create a scene-stealing burst of warmth and shine.

With a gorgeous gold border, this round metal wall mirror is love at first sight for guests when they visit. It’s also not a bad idea to have a final glance on your way out.

Create the illusion of space

Mirrors are a cunning way to deceive the eye. If you feel your house is too small or stuffy, why not try using a gorgeous mirror to create a perception of depth and visually expand the size of your home.

Reflecting a beautiful view is always better, but placing a mirror from any window that gets decent light will create a subtle yet sophisticated look. You will love the glamourous effect this shabby chic wall mirror will have in your space.

In most spaces, bathrooms are often the smallest rooms. A round metal wall mirror alongside an equally chic sideboard will create a sense of depth. Furthermore, no bathroom is complete without a good mirror.

Add personality

Wondering what style of overmantle mirror will best suit your space? Don’t be afraid to bet on a large overmantle mirror. Preferably select one that matches the mantlepiece and is also fashionable. Combining a modern spin with natural elements, you’ll love how this round tree branch mirror captivates with its shapely organic beauty.

Tip: Place the mirror just a few inches above the mantle for maximum impact.

Treating mirrors as decorative units within the same wall gallery is an increasingly growing trend. You can explore your creativity by introducing this shabby chic wall mirror with similar frames to complete the collection.

Set the stage

Deciding on a focal point to position your furniture around can be especially tricky if your place lacks a fireplace or mantlepiece. With its beautifully designed frame, this stunning round metal wall mirror will make a great centrepiece. Strategically placing a large mirror on your wall with ornately carved frames works just as well as other decorative art for your space.

You can also set up a creative interplay between mirrors and stylish pieces to add a hint of sophistication.

Catch a break

For some, staring at sharp angles and straight lines all day can be monotonous and sometimes exhausting. You could use a round mirror in place of a standard medicine cabinet or try a round make up mirror for a change. A round polished mirror without a frame in the centre of a living room will accentuate the space’s angles while transmitting elegance, sobriety and distinction.

Sometimes, a mirror doesn’t even need to attract attention. In this case, hanging mirrors make the best option. Go for small custom made rope-wrapped mirrors for a chic and polished mix that feels luxurious and high end no matter where you turn.

Once you have dipped your toe and tested a few of these gems, you will instantly get hooked. Small, large, square, or round, we have a bespoke collection of mirrors uk to match any room in your home.

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