Does your bedroom need a new look? Do you want to know what picture frames are in style? A few updates could be just what it needs to turn it from drab to fab.

A picture frame does much more than just enhance the image you have chosen. The perfect picture frame colour can help you add glamour, calm or even an energised feeling to your bedroom.

An interior should tell your story – about your travels, your family, your friends. Unlike functional shared spaces, bedrooms are places where you can truly indulge your style and create a look that is all about luxury.

Why colours are important when framing images for your bedroom

Used widely in marketing and advertising, colour psychology is a powerful interior design tool that arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. When debating on which shades to choose for your home, its key to think about what kind of feelings you want your room to conjure up and which colours will help you achieve this.

What Colour Season are you?

Have you ever thought about what colour season you are? Perhaps your home is covered in the bright colours of Summer or maybe you have opted for tonal, subtle hues reminiscent of Spring….whatever your choice, your colour palette says a lot about you. Take our free quiz to find out what colour season you are and how you can use it to help inform future home improvement projects.

We have found that nine times out of ten if you are a “Spring” personality, you will be drawn towards pastel colours.If you are an “Autumn” personality, you will favour deep tones – like navy or aubergine.

Picture framing: How to create the right mood for your bedroom

Bedrooms have changed dramatically over the years. 100 years ago, bedrooms were a more functional and cramped space, often shared with various members of the family and with little personalisation or luxury. Modern day bedrooms have transformed into personal sanctuaries for their owners and where we spend quality time relaxing at the end of the day.

The artwork, photos and images we decide to hang in our bedrooms help create deeply intimate spaces and therefore picking the right affordable photo frame is all the more important. Picture frames and the colour scheme of your bedroom go hand in hand. Whether it’s a master bedroom, guest room, teen’s room, or nursery, the colour palette serves as a reminder of what you want to feel in the room. How to decide a picture frame colour for your bedroom is easy- you just need to decide what style you want to present.


Selecting a frame colour that matches a tiny shade within your artwork will help highlight that colour scheme and a feeling of continuity in your bedroom.


Modern and minimalist picture frames

picture frame bedroom ideas

If your seasonal colour is Winter, you will probably aspire to modern picture frames. Not sure what your seasonal colour is? Take our quiz now.

Over the last few years, neutral colours have become a real trend in bedroom interiors. If you are looking to create a modern bedroom bright or matt shades of cream, white and beige are the perfect choice for picture frames. Neutral colours work for bedrooms because they are calming and soothing. Frames with clean lines also create a timeless look and a sense of order.

We love pairing a smooth white frame with a bright white wall. It makes the art the true focus of the bedroom, the frames adding sophisticated dimension and subtle texture. High-quality, white hand painted frames add a feeling of simplicity, cleanliness, and openness to your bedroom.


French Farmhouse and shabby chic picture frames

Shabby chic picture frame

A classic Farmhouse style is full of character and old-worldly charm – and is ideal for those whose colour season is Spring. When it comes to your bedroom, a Farmhouse style uses traditional design to create a familiar and comfortable space…ideal to unwind in. Picture frames made of natural materials add warmth to an interior.

Including wooden shabby chic picture frames in your bedroom is a good idea as they’re durable, environmentally-friendly and add an element of nature. A bedroom with a pastel wall colour and decorated with wooden picture frames looks elegant and chic. Lighter and more natural wooden frames will tastefully compliment their surrounding design. As an added bonus, a natural frame will also make your artwork really stand out.


Bright and bold picture frames

Echtholz Bilderrahmen 50x70 cm - English Green/Teal - mit Passepartout 40x50 cm - Plexiglas - Rahmenbreite 2cm

Bring on the colour! Those whose seasonal colour is Summer will be especially drawn to vibrant frames.

If bold and bright colours make you happy, why not choose picture frames for your bedroom walls that will bring a smile to your face? If you’re an energetic person who loves to be surrounded by saturated colours, embrace the look.

For example, if you love bright, fresh interiors, try matching a teal coloured picture frame with subtle undertones of pink, blue and beige. A splash of teal will make your space feel sumptuous. A love of colour is perfect for creating an on-trend statement wall. A picture feature wall is a growing trend in interior design and a quick way to add a focal point to your bedroom.


Dark, industrial and rustic picture frames

dark wood picture frame

Create a tasteful, grown-up and contemporary look in your bedroom with dark coloured rustic picture frames. These rich tones will complement an Autumn season personality.

Rustic, industrial style picture frames look great in ultra-modern bedrooms, loft conversions and studios.

Dark picture frames awaken the senses and will ooze glamour into your bedroom. Being very versatile and working in both light and dark bedrooms, rustic frames are tres chic and incorporate the best of modern and rustic styles by mixing the old with the new.


Use accessories such as plants, decorative pillows and textured chairs to enhance your chosen bedroom colour palette.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gained some insight into the best affordable photo frames for your bedroom! Picture frames really can make a room unique and framing your own photos or art are an ideal way to make your mark on your bedroom.

Our frames come in various colours within each style, so remember to consider each frame colour and which would best compliment your style and colour palette! Still looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom with? Check out our bespoke selection of handpicked Mirrors or Wall Clocks.

Also take a peek at our Pinterest page for more inspiring interiors!