Mirrors have a tremendous impact but placing them correctly can be difficult. Finding space in our homes for paintings and other decorations can be easy, but finding the room for mirrors can feel harder. When you come across a beautiful mirror but are unsure what to do with it, the team at Casa Chic Boutique can help!

Before you begin, think about this

Hanging mirrors in your home according to Feng Shui principles can help create a more positive environment. According to Feng Shui practice, mirrors double everything in their reflections. This means that you can bring more positive things into your life with a few well-placed mirrors. It also means that you can create more negativity if you are not careful. Whenever possible, try and avoid placing a mirror where it can reflect clutter, a stove flame, another mirror, dirt, a door or window, a bed or a toilet seat.

bathroom mirror UK

the bathroom

This one is easy. Every bathroom wants a mirror. Round metal wall mirrors are commonly used to help us while we fix our hair, brush our teeth or take care of any other number of small personal tasks. However, do not make the mistake of installing a mirror in your bathroom without giving it a second thought.

Firstly, if you have ever walked into a bathroom and suddenly felt like you look much worse, that bathroom probably had terrible lighting. For the best results, hang a round metal wall mirror in between two soft diffused lights. Diffused lighting is the type that has a white or frosted glass cover instead of a clear cover or no cover at all.

Avoid utilising a single lighting fixture with an exposed bulb placed directly above the mirror. A single strong light source creates strong shadows which will make your face look much older while having other unflattering effects.

Additionally, you want to place your mirror above a drain to prevent positive energy from escaping down the plughole.

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The Entryway

Your home’s entryway is the perfect place for something like a large wall mirror. When leaving for the day you can take a moment to double-check your appearance. Stop and make sure your make-up or hair is in order and get a good look at your outfit. The large wall mirror is a great way to catch any errant objects that have attached themselves to your clothing. If your house features a more open style and does not have a dedicated half-hallway or entryway there is no problem.

Placing a mirror near your front door will have the same effect and comes with all of the same advantages. You do not have to use a large wall mirror either. You can create an area with a smaller round mirror sitting above a shelf where you keep your keys, gloves and other useful items for going out. The best way to ensure that positive energy is kept inside your home is to make sure that the mirror is hung perpendicular to your front door, not opposite it.

If you have a long hallway, try and place the mirror at the end of it to take any energy trapped there and reflect it into the rest of your home.

On a Dark Living Room Wall

Despite our best efforts, we all have a few spots in our home that are a little darker than we would prefer. If you hang a black window mirror opposite a light source then you can brighten up the entire wall with the reflected light. To give your mirrors a boost, decorate your walls with light colours.

Bright colours help bounce light even when they are not inherently reflective like a mirror. However, if you have a large room with more than one dark spot, try and avoid placing mirrors opposite each other. The infinite reflections caused make many people uncomfortable.

Try placing a black window mirror in between two windows to the outside opposite your ceiling lamp. This creates a reflection of all the things you want more of without letting any energy escape outside.

bedroom mirror

the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the more useful rooms for a mirror as it helps you prepare in the morning. However, if you hang the mirror opposite your bed or a window then it can disturb your sleep. Your subconscious will register any movement while you are dozing off as the presence of another person which may cause you to wake up.

Mirrors that capture your bed are also said to invite another person into your relationship! Instead, try hanging a mirror on the inside of your closet door. This way you can easily access your reflection whenever you need it and then close the door so that it cannot disturb your rest later.

bedroom mirror

the kitchen

The kitchen is a less obvious location for a mirror but it can do a lot to improve the space. First of all, according to Feng Shui, you need to avoid reflecting an open flame. Kitchens are generally places of heat and mirrors represent water but it is possible to balance these opposing forces. By reflecting food, you invite times of plenty into your life.

This makes hanging a mirror directly above your stove ideal. You can avoid images of open flames while gaining a view of everything that happens behind you while you cook. You just need to ensure that the mirror will not be capturing the image of any doors or windows.

There you have it, hanging mirrors in your home while bearing the principles of Feng Shui in mind can help create a much more positive environment. You can also try hanging mirrors in other spaces so long as you bear the basic principles in mind. For example, placing a mirror on a staircase landing makes your upstairs feel much larger and attracts more abundance and good fortune to your home.

If you have any questions, we supply some of the best mirrors in the UK and are always happy to lend a hand.

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