Have a beautiful new picture frame, but not sure what to display? Why not try a favourite shirt or old map? Read our best secrets on what to display in your new picture frame here…

Evaluate Your Space

Your home is your sanctuary. It also reflects the type of person you are. Take a look at the picture frames in your living space – are they boring and somewhat outdated? Do they reflect who you are, or is it time for change?

Add a selection of pictures in A4 photo frames to a bare wall and you immediately change the mood of the room. When it comes to decorating walls there’s no need to limit your ideas to conventional pictures. Our easy frame options and funky ideas will inspire you new artistic heights with these affordable photo frames.

Getting Started

To begin with, decide what you would like to change. If you are working with a large area you will need to plan carefully. Have a look at our versatile selection of easy frames to help you decide on the shapes, sizes and colours that you would like to use. Our range of photo frames are modern and easy to mix and match when creating a picture wall.

Fabric, Baubles and Beads

Frame that piece of fabric that you have always loved but hardly ever used. It may be a scarf, a table cloth or some exotic weave that you picked up in a market on holiday. You can stitch your own colourful patchwork, adding beads, buttons, and ribbons, or try some simple cross stitch on a piece of hessian.

What to do with old buttons? Glue them onto the mat board (the backing of the frame), forming words, hearts, flowers. Alternatively, use a collage frame and create four smaller pictures.

picture frame flowers


Press some flowers in a heavy book for a few weeks, arrange them on the mat board and frame them. For something different: remove the glass, secure a piece of florist’s foam to the bottom of the frame with wire and create an arrangement of flowers, grasses, reeds, and anything else that goes with your theme. Keep in mind that artwork consisting of dried flowers will fade with time and can be difficult to keep dust-free, so a project done with these items may need replacing in a year or two. However, an array of seeds, pods, small pine cones and twigs will last longer. For some colour add everlasting flowers, ribbons, or coloured raffia.

Make a wreath out of hessian and wire and attach pods, twigs, flowers and feathers. Hang the wreath from the top of a large picture frame with an attractive ribbon, making sure that the wreath is central to your frame

Nuts and Bolts

Raid hubby’s workshop for old keys, the workings of clocks, screws, bolts, nuts and bits of wire; assemble, and rub a bit of shoe polish on them to give an antique look. Mount in one of our many rustic frames. Or paint them bright colours for a modern look. If the workshop turns out to be something of an Aladdin’s cave consider doing two or more separate displays using matching A4 photo frames.

Create a design using matchsticks. Look up matchstick art on Google or Pinterest, or make your own. For easy framing you can stick the matches directly onto the mat board.

Kitchen Art

Those dishtowels that people bring as gifts from overseas trips – yes, the non-absorbent ones that are not much good at drying dishes – they make colourful kitchen posters. You will need a large frame for this.

Braid garlic, onions or dried herbs and hang them in an empty picture frame. Try the triple photo rectangular frames for size.

picture frame baby memories

Family Memorabilia

Remember that old box of Grandma’s costume jewellery? Get it out and create a collage of jewellery and lace and perhaps a photo of Grandma.

Frame your baby’s first socks, first locks, first jumpsuit, first bib.

Frame a group of holiday photos and glue a few seashells and pebbles around the edges of the frame. Add an origami sailing boat at the bottom.


Your stamp collection may be valuable one day, and what better way to preserve it than in a selection of A4 photo frames grouped together. Coins and currency notes from different countries also make an interesting exhibit. And if you have one, a magnifying glass mounted over an attractive stamp or coin will add another dimension.

A framed collection of old theatre programs, tickets, or sheet music will add some culture to a study or hallway. Go for one of the larger frames and enlarge one or two of the items in your display for a more artistic effect.

Maps are educational and will enhance the academic mood in your study. If you are able to find a copy of an ancient map with drawings of sea monsters and mermaids, all the better.

picture frame arts and crafts

Be Practical

To make a notice board select a large natural wood frame and wrap a piece of hessian or suitable fabric around the mat board. Put the board back into the frame and use it to pin up notes, shopping lists, a weekly planner, or various pieces of artwork. Alternatively remove the mat board altogether, replacing it with chicken wire or cork and use in the same way.

Organise your jewellery with an assortment of our affordable photo frames. Attach small hooks or nails to the mat board and paste artificial flowers or small trinkets along the frames for some added appeal.

No Time Like the Present

Now you have no excuse! Get busy collecting thosememories, and create something to treasure and brighten up your home.

Have you tried making your own picture frame artwork? The team would love to see! Please get in touch and send us your picture frame images and ideas! Remember to sign up to our newsletter too for more picture frame hacks from the Casa Chic Boutique team. 

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