Designing your home can feel like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! By using certain techniques, you can make sure that every room in your house has a unique personality.

If you want to have your interior design be both stunning and useful, you should consider an accent mirror. Accent mirrors are mirrors that utilise special frames, shapes and materials to help decorate a room.

To help you understand how to use these unique mirrors, we’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts!


Know Where to Put Your Mirrors

Mirrors are unique in the sense that they can add personality to a room but they are also very helpful. Knowing where to put your mirrors can help you make sure that whenever you need to adjust your hair or get your tie straight, you can do so. Great areas to put mirrors are in the front hall, the dining room and the bathroom.

Use Feng Shui

 Feng Shui is the ancient Taoist art of arranging your living space in a way that balances energies. If you want to make sure your house feels like a home, we recommend familiarising yourself with Feng Shui.

Find a Balance

Accent mirrors can be wonderful decorative pieces, but your goal should still be to have mirrors that you can see yourself in. If you want a good balance, you should try a distressed white mirror, some accent wall mirrors or some French wall mirrors.

Pair Mirrors Together

Accent mirrors usually go best in pairs, so we recommend that you try using multiple mirrors together.

Hang Your Mirror Properly

Nobody wants a mirror that is so high that you can’t even see yourself! Before you hang the mirror, have someone help you hold it up so you can emulate what it’s like to use it and adjust accordingly.


Know Where Not to Put Your Mirrors

Just as it’s important to know where to put your mirrors, you should also know where not to put them. For example, if you’re putting a mirror in the bathroom, make sure to put it on top of the sink and not opposite of the toilet.

Don’t Let Your Mirrors Distract You

Accent mirrors can be great for decoration, but if they have too much personality, they might be more distracting than helpful. When looking for your accent wall mirrors or French wall mirrors, make sure to find ones that are a good balance of unique and utilitarian.

Don’t Put Mirrors in Every Room

Mirrors can be incredibly helpful, but when you have too many, it’s easy for your home to feel like a carnival fun house. To make sure you don’t have too many mirrors, we recommend you only put them in rooms where you actually need them.

Avoid Mirrors in the Kitchen

The absolute worst place to put a mirror is in the kitchen. This comes down to personal taste, but sometimes when you have mirrors in the kitchen, we’ve found that it can feel overwhelming and make the space feel uncomfortable. Besides, you’ll want to direct all of your attention to cooking, so having a mirror might make it difficult to stay focused. If you’re on the fence about having a mirror in the kitchen is right for you, we recommend you try it and see what you prefer.

Don’t Get Mirrors That Are Too Large

Having a vintage standing mirror in your bedroom can be great for when you’re picking out an outfit for the day, but if the mirror is too large it can take up a lot of space. When choosing your mirror, be sure to pick a size that allows you to see only what you need to see.

The best way to add accent mirrors to your home

Using accent mirrors is a great way to add some elegant, subtle beauty to your home. However, it’s important to understand how to properly use them, as they can be just as much a distraction as they can be a benefit.

At the end of the day, we recommend you follow your intuition. The do’s and don’ts provided on this list are general guidelines that will help you understand how to use them, but ultimately your goal should be doing what you think looks good.

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