It’s finally starting to warm up in the UK! As the skies brighten and the days turn longer, its time for a refresh. This winter has been incredibly difficult for many, so excitement and anticipation for spring is most certainly in the air. With restrictions hopefully starting to ease in April and May, it means we can soon host small gatherings in our gardens or homes. This is the perfect time to start clearing out the clutter we have collated in lockdown and give our interiors some love.

Open your windows wide, brew some coffee, play your favourite tunes and get cracking on our best spring home styling ideas on a budget:

Refresh your walls this spring

Take a glance at your walls. When was the last time you changed your wall hangings? With spending so much more time indoors, its easy to become accustomed to our surroundings. Are you bored with them without even realising it?  

If your frames aren’t giving you joy, consider hanging something new! Check out your local charity shops for some bargains or if you have a home printer – why not print some of your favourite artworks yourself?

picture frames spring

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Feel like your cabinets are outdated? Want to add some spring colour to your kitchen but no time or budget for a brand-new pantry? Then we suggest simply painting and styling your cabinets instead!

Let your imagination run wild, don’t stick to boring browns or blacks – why not try springtime colours such as sky blues/pale yellows and forest greens? If you feel really brave you could even try a stencil design – cheap to pick up at most home stores and so easy to use!

Declutter your shelves

A quick and cheap way to revitalise a space in your home is decluttering. Choose a shelf or a cluttered surface. Start by taking everything off and then go through each piece one by one and remove the things you are sick of seeing or haven’t picked up for a while. Remember, be brave!

Invest in some new spring inspired cushions or throws

If the sofa is looking a little tired from all those Netflix binges, brighten it up with some textured cushions or a bright coloured throw. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all your cushions have to match! Try some contrasting colours. Need help? Try this colour matching website for inspiration! BONUS TIP: If the sofa is looking sad and deflated you could even try adding some extra stuffing to add bounce for a plumper, more appealing look.

refresh home for spring

Try some new lampshades

Cheaper than buying new light fittings, adding a new lampshade to an existing lamp can completely transform a corner of your room. Be bold and go for a standout colour or pattern. Or try matching your new lampshade to your existing cushion covers or picture frames.

How big is your current lampshade? A popular design trend is for oversized lampshades – change up the size of your lampshade for a statement look. A tall, elegant lampshade can elongate a room or and wide, quirky shaped one can add character.

What are you most looking forward to this spring? Whether its fresh spring flowers, seeing more of friends and family or a home clear out – we hope this blog has inspired you.

Tried any of our spring home styling ideas on a budget and love the result? Take a photo and share it with us!

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