If your home is feeling a little dull, try hanging some prints or artwork. A new painting or photo on the wall can transform a neutral wall and help pull your interior décor scheme together.

From working at home for a year, some of us may be bored with staring at the same artwork on the walls. Selecting what’s right for your walls isn’t always easy and can feel a little daunting, especially if you are not from an artistic background. It’s important to consider size of the frame or canvas you wish to hang, the décor of your room and blending in your artwork with a particular theme or style.

Where to place your artwork can also be a tough decision, especially if there is not a convenient fireplace or alcove. Whether you choose a picture frame or canvas for your home is down to personal preference.

Do you enjoy vibrant colours and scenes? Or prefer serene landscapes and familiarity?

Whatever your style and home, complete our quiz to see what you should be hanging on your walls.

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