Take our free colour season quiz below to find out what colour season you are and what colours you should be using to decorate your home with!

Only 60 years ago, we were still taking photographs and watching TV in black and white. Times have changed though and modern day living abounds with colour. With such a wide spectrum of shades and hues to choose from, why not add an extra splash of colour to your home this season?

When faced with choosing a new colour for your wall, bathroom mirror or even picture frame the abundance of options can be overwhelming.  Colour influences how we feel about our surroundings and plays an essential role when we are designing our homes.

It is important to choose a colour that fits your personality. Discovering your colour season will help you create a living space that allows you to express yourself.

Are you a cool, calm and collected Winter Season who thrives off monochrome and muted tones? Or a hot and fiery Summer Season, motivated by bright and bold palettes? 

To find out what your colour season is, take our quiz below!

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