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Stylish and elegant wall mirrors in different design, sizes and colours.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall…. It's time for reflection

The word mirror originates from the Latin word β€˜mirari’ - it means β€˜to look in wonder and awe’. Here at Casa Chic Boutique, that is precisely what we want you to do when you purchase one of our bespoke and carefully selected wall mirrors. A mirror is not just a useful item for all the obvious reasons, a beautiful well placed mirror can add drama, reflect light and interesting reflections. We believe the right mirror can transform an interior. This is why we stock only the best wall mirrors available in the UK.Β 

A wall mirror has the fantastic ability to immediately transform your home by adding depth and character to any room with just a little imagination and very little effort. Select one of our large metal wall mirrors as the ideal option for those heavy traffic areas in your home. Place one in your porch or entrance hall to make that space light and welcoming and give an added sense of security and style.

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Vintage Shabby Chic Wall Mirror - Round 66 cm - Distressed WhiteMirrors are very versatile and that is why we have a mirror for every occasion and every room. Our shabby chic wall mirror is the perfect complement to any room, hang one above a fireplace or any other focal point for added impact or use them to add a bold statement in a beauty salon.

A customer favourite is our white wood mirror with ornate French arches as it certainly adds a wow factor to any interior. If you have a room with no windows this is the perfect mirror to imitate one and to make the room feel brighter and more spacious. Place a white wood mirror opposite a window to reflect light and give the impression of a room with two windows.

To add flair and interest to a bathroom why not position one of our shabby chic large white mirrors and instantly create a relaxing and luxurious ambiance. Mirrors can heighten interest in a room and that is exactly what our French vintage style metal wall mirror does. The charcoal and gold frame adds an element of grandeur and is particularly eye catching against a simple and unfussy background. Place one of our metal wall mirrors behind a lamp and it will brighten and greatly improve those dark corners in your home with its unique and enriching frame.