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Decorative and stylish wall clocks: Time to transform your wall

Although many of us now rely on mobile phones and smart watches to help us keep time, wall clocks in the UK are as popular as ever due to their valuable use as an interior décor item. Wall clocks are fashionable and practical, making a bold statement in both residential and commercial interiors. Wall clocks are also an ideal way to reflect your personality, hobbies, and sense of style in your home.

Our exclusive range of mounted round wall clocks are an ideal way to add visual interest and provide a distinctive focal point in your room. Be it a hotel reception area, open-plan kitchen, or even a conservatory, our large decorative wall clocks have an undeniable appeal and look terrific.

TIP:    Think about hanging your clock at standing eye level, you don’t want to have to crane your neck!

How to choose the right wall clock UK?

Large Metal Wall Clock - 60 cm Diameter - QUARTZ Mechanism - Roman Numerals - Iron - Rose GoldWhen choosing a wall clock (or clocks!), consider the room style and room function. We have great choices from timeless glamour to modern minimalist chic.  If it’s impact you want we love our large metal wall clock with roman numerals, its size and teal colour will immediately accentuate an otherwise dull and uninteresting wall and is also perfect if you are looking for a nautical-themed statement piece.

In contrast our sleek and subtle rose gold wall clock is the ideal choice to bring some classic elegance to a space such as a beauty salon, conference centre or hotel lobby. This clock has accurate time keeping with no noise and would be the perfect choice for offices with multiple locations and different time zones.