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Elegant and stylish full length standing mirrors.

Floor standing mirrors UK – for head to toe perfection

Look no further for inspiration in your search for the ideal, inexpensive and stylish standing mirror. Casa Chic Boutique supply only the highest quality floor standing mirrors in the UK.

Nothing beats a full length, floor standing mirror. They are practical in many areas of the house – for checking out your outfit in the bedroom or walk-in closet and making a last quick fix in the hallway before you leave the house.

Our range of floor standing mirrors are trendy and adaptable, you can easily and safely pick them up and move them anywhere in your home (or even outside your home), making them a useful and versatile decorative ornament. So why not make a statement and invest in two full length mirrors for an all-round head to toe experience? 

TIP:   A full-length mirror placed on a darker accented wall will create a real talking point as well as reflecting light from the lighter side thereby making the wall feel less cold.

What floor standing mirror should I choose?

Shabby Chic Wall Mirror - 130x45 cm - Solid Wood - Large French Vintage Style Full Length Standing Mirror - WhiteA big standing mirror in any space looks appealing and our beautiful shabby chic full length standing mirror will give maximum impact to an area, enhancing it by giving the illusion of more space and style. It is incredibly flexible too – if you decide you need more floor space you can hang it as it comes with a detachable stand!

The bigger the mirror the brighter the space and so our floor standing mirrors will improve the look of your room dramatically giving it a light and open feeling.  A large standing mirror is a must for any bedroom or dressing room, it is practical and can add real glamour to an otherwise neutral area.

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