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Casa Chic Boutique Picture Frames UK: Picture Perfect Style

Classic by Casa Chic bkack phptp frame gallery wallWith an emphasis on quality and classically aesthetic appeal, we have worked hard to handpick the best and most affordable photo and picture frames in the UK. We can’t wait to help you display your beautiful prints, photos and artwork to help make a personal statement and point of interest in your home.

The photo frames and pictures on our walls exhibit what is most important to us. Not only do they showcase our memories and images of our loved ones, but they also tell a story to visitors about our hobbies, lifestyle and interests. Choosing the right frame for your picture is almost as important as choosing the picture itself.

Whether you are displaying your favourite family photos or giving a gift to a special friend, our range of photo frames make a beautiful finishing touch in any setting. Expertly crafted, our sumptuous solid wood photo frames use only the finest materials and are an effective and easy way to add vintage warmth and character to your home.

TIP: Why not try pairing natural solid wood photo frames and earthy greens to deliver a relaxed ambience in your home. 

Picture frames - What’s on trend?

Selecting the perfect picture frame is essential in the interior design of any property and can serve to make the plainest of spaces look colourful and attractive. We’ve been told our simple and stylish A3 black picture frames have a striking impact on soft neutral walls as darker frames can create a more elegant and sophisticated look. Or why not choose one of our multiple photo frame sets as an interesting and imaginative way to create a perfect picture wall in minutes.

Our collection of affordable frames are the ideal addition to bring personality and charm to your home. Frames range from bright boho colours to contemporary collage designs to striking modern monochrome mounts in a variety of styles and sizes – perfect for accessorising or adorning your next feature wall! All our frames are hand-finished, skillfully packaged, and come complete with wall fittings.