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Our shabby chic range of solid wood mirrors are designed for real life. The mirrors in this range are durable, hard-wearing, and made with the finest grade solid pine wood that's both beautiful and functional.

Full of character, these mirrors are the embodiment of vintage sophistication. The solid wood frame, scrolling curves and ornamental detail conjures up an air of the theatre, but the pastel colours, sculpted mouldings and care to the fine detail also adds to the success of this shabby chic style.

Premium quality wood material, gentle colours, elegant look: Here’s rustic charm at its best

Bring an illusion of drama and motion to the home with mirrors that are rustic and designed to create an impression of awe and wonder on first view. The graceful motifs and natural forms depicted by our Rococo mirrors can really add a focal point to any room and provide that stand out feature you've been looking for in your home design. Rococo mirrors will stand the test of time and only get better with age!

We've cleverly designed our shabby chic Rococo mirrors to echo the grandeur of the past while also being able to create a warm, homely feel in your room. Our wonderfully versatile solid wood mirrors will look stunning hanging on a wall or why not try propping against the wall on your dressing room table for a truly elegant way to get ready for the day.

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