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Elegance by Casa Chic – Helping to rethink and explore contemporary styles for the home

The Elegance range is attractive and refined while still being a practical option for the home.

The label “elegant” can seem like a daunting and unachievable style to create in your home. However, you don’t need to have extravagant or gold-plated tastes to add elegance to your interiors. The pieces in this collection have a contemporary sophistication to them that will leave visitors to your home thinking “wow!”.

Clean, contemporary Lines

Incorporating mirrors and clocks with clean lines and subtle curves is an easy way to bring a contemporary look into your home. An accented, classically designed wall clock will instantly add a hint of chic . Think twice about the finer details when creating an elegant décor. It’s often the final touches that will come together to create a subtle and understated look.

Timeless elegant picture frames for those special moments

Perfect to showcase a treasured family photo, these picture frames are sleek, metal-plated and include a picture mount for a sumptuous finish. These stylish frames will tastefully capture your favourite people, places and memories.

Add some soft curves to your room with our elegance mirrors

For an on-trend feature to your home, we recommend choosing one of our glossy metal mirrors. Finished in a glam and attractive metal, they are perfect for creating a touch of class. A rounded metal-finished mirror is also a good option because it can boost natural light in your space while adding warmth with its pleasing circular shape.

Browse our Elegance collection now for ideas and get started with your dream home.