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Antic by Casa Chic – Something a little bit different

Our Antic collection symbolises that there are no rules in home décor -  except to follow your heart’s desire.

The mirrors and wall clocks in this style are very popular as they are versatile but also a little bit different! It’s easy to add an Anitc oversized large wall clock to your wall  - it’s a perfect blend of both classic and non-traditional design, thoughtfully created to complement any home.

This eclectic style is bold in character and incorporates modern materials, such as metal and glass, and is perfect to make your home ooze individuality. This collection was made to inspire you!

Looking for a statement piece for your home? Add Antic

With Antic, anything goes as long as you love it. Antic homes are calming and relaxed spaces that manage to feel both stylish and sleek, as well as warm and inviting.

Finished in staple colours that are essential for any home, the french window mirrors in this collection are a real customer favourite. If you are searching for a mirror to really stand out in a room, try an Antic mirror - you won’t regret it!

Browse our Antic collection now for ideas and get started with your dream home.