Deciding on the type of frame or glazing to use on a piece of artwork, picture, or photo can cause a surprising amount of confusion. The most common question is whether to go for acrylic or glass frames. At Casa Chic Boutique we have designed and manufactured both glass and perspex (acrylic) fronted picture frames.

Before making a hasty decision there are a series of questions you need to ask yourself. Price alone should not be the only factor!

Below we have listed the benefits of glass and perspex to help you make the best decision when choosing a picture frame:


When talking about larger pieces of art, perspex does the job. Perspex is a brand name of acrylic and is half the weight compared to glass.

Glass is mostly preferred when making smaller picture frames such as a4 photo frames, as it’s heavier than acrylic.

Making large pieces of art using glass only means more hassle when moving them.

Heavy art is prone to dropping when hanging as the wall peg can’t possibly handle the weight.

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Perspex is a brand name for acrylic, meaning it is a type of acrylic. Acrylic, being a petroleum product, is expensive. Glass, on the other hand, is cheaper, thus the ideal choice if you’re working on a low budget.

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The level of protection you want your art to have will motivate you to find the best frame there is to serve the purpose. With time, your piece of art may risk deteriorating due to changing temperature and humidity levels, exposure to UV radiation, dirt, and spills.

Perspex has a greater impact strength compared to glass; thus, more force is required to break it. And if it breaks, perspex will usually crack, unlike glass, which shatters. The sharp pieces of the broken glass can punch and easily destroy your work of art. This makes perspex the most preferred material to use on picture frames that require shipping or going through mail order since it guarantees reduced liability issues.

However, glass is less susceptible to scratching compared to perspex. This automatically means more involvement in handling and cleaning the latter. We recommend using a plastic cleaner and microfibre towels or cloths while cleaning perspex frames as paper towels and glass cleaners can easily scratch the surface. Fortunately, perspex is usually sold with a protective paper or plastic cover hence perfectly clean when unwrapped, unlike glass, which tends to get dusty and dirty during storage.​

Perspex, being flexible, also means it may bow or bend within a frame over time while glass doesn’t.​

Perspex also has the benefit of being more UV radiated, which helps reduce picture fading and making them more visible in poor lighting, therefore protecting them and prolonging their life.


Glass tends to have a green tint that affects quality when viewing a framed piece of art and not as transparent as perspex. However, expensive glass, commonly known as “museum glass,” is clear and has no tint whatsoever.

Perspex also reflects more light than glass, meaning more light going through to illuminate the piece of art. Generally, glass allows about 80% of light in, while perspex allows in about 90%, therefore offering a better view of the art.

Glass is more susceptible to glare; thus, pictures are easily obscured by light.

Perspex has a non-glare finish that reduces reflection and glare, thus making photographs more visible even in poor lighting. The anti-glare property also optimises the viewing of pictures under bright light conditions.
Whereas glass gives a more premium appearance and is inexpensive, perspex provides added security and durability for your artwork, especially when shipping.

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