Mirrors are a great addition to any room’s interior décor, and having one does not necessarily have to be expensive. Your bathroom mirror should enhance the bathroom by adding a double visual impact and harnessing its lighting. Today, there is a vast array of mirrors available in the UK market, tailored to meet your décor and budget needs. From wall mirrors to standing mirrors, you can always find a suitable choice for your bathroom without spending a fortune. Here are the best 3 bathroom mirrors for sale in the UK now.

Large Metal Mirror

bathroom mirror UK

Metal wall mirrors come in varying sizes and shapes. You can have them mounted on your bathroom’s wall directly to match its interior décor and space. The beauty of these mirrors is found in the striking, yet appealing variation in the mirrored glass and metal frame. Additionally, a metal wall mirror can blend into any form of setting, including both the contemporary and modern mid-century décor.

When choosing a metal wall mirror for your bathroom, consider getting one that is large enough. A large metal wall mirror creates the illusion of a larger and brighter area by reflecting more light into your bathroom.

To get the best out of a metal wall mirror for your bathroom, here are some more aspects that you might want to consider;

  • If you are looking for a unique perspective, try replacing the standard rectangular-shaped mirror with a round mirror, and have it hanged over the bathroom dresser.
  • Mirrors are an excellent alternative to prints and wall paintings. You can hang your metal wall mirror from across a window to reflect the outdoor landscape and scenery.
  • Increase your bathroom’s presence by hanging the metal wall mirror so that it reflects your favourite object around the room.
  • If you want to add a festive effect to your bathroom, consider hanging two metal wall mirrors adjacent to each other.
  • If your bathroom lacks a focal point, you can add one by leaning your metal wall mirror against a wall to create a dramatic signature.

Are you looking for an affordable way to transform your bathroom’s outlook? Explore our collection of wall mirrors and give your bathroom a timeless signature

Shabby Chic Wall Mirror

shabby chic wall mirror

Over the years, shabby chic mirrors have gained increased popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after styles for interior design. The mirror comes with a blend of distressed paint and rustic finishes, highlighting a strong style statement in your bathroom. At Casa Chic Boutique , we stock top-quality shabby chic mirrors that complement your bathroom through their versatile designs.

The bevelled edges and delicate mix of natural pastel colours of a shabby chic wall mirror make can blend into any bathroom décor, whether contemporary or traditional. We invite you to browse through our website for a wide range of shabby chic mirrors and get the perfect choice for your bathroom’s décor.

Shabby Chic Standing Mirrors UK

shabby chic standing mirror

The shabby chic standing mirror not only gives you a full view of how you look, but it also adds an antique feel to your bathroom’s space. It also goes a long way in amplifying the space of your bathroom artistically.

Additionally, you can rely on a shabby chic standing mirror to save up on your wall space. Most of the standing mirrors UK offers come with a unique upward tilt design at the back to allow for easy storage. Check out the perfect floor standing mirrors for your bathroom.

For a floor standing mirror in your bathroom, consider the following factors;

  • Position your standing mirror on the right spot to add a dramatic focal point to your bathroom.
  • If your bathroom has two windows, try fixing your standing mirror in between these windows. This maximises your bathroom’s exposure to natural light, as well as adding glamour to it.
  • A standing mirror is easy to cover with a towel. Consider taking advantage of this design to keep your mirror free from fog.

If you are interested in a bathroom mirror that suits your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. At Casa Chic Boutique, we provide you with a bespoke collection of mirrors, from which you can choose your ideal style and design. You can also read more about mirrors on our blog.

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