If you have recently bought a mirror from Casa Chic Boutique, you’ll be pleased to know that most of our mirrors come ready to hang with pre-fitted d-rings. Now the next important decision is where to hang your new mirror! You’ll need to consider how heavy your mirror is, the kind of wall you want to display your mirror on and making sure you have the correct tools.

hammer a nail

So before you start drilling or hammering in your wall nails/plugs, here are some things to think about:

Most importantly, you will need to check that hanging your mirror will not hit any wiring or cables. We suggest getting hold of an electrical wall stud finder or detector, there are plenty of options online.  This will help you highlight if there are any hidden cables, pipes or studs in your walls.

Our mirrors come ready with d-rings installed, however you will need some cord, string, or rope to attach to the rings. This will need to be strong enough to hold your mirror in place, depending how heavy it is! You will also need one or two picture hooks measured and securely drilled into the wall to ensure the mirror will hang straight.

how to hang mirror

Next up, consider your walls for a moment. Stone walls will require masonry nails and its probably a good idea to invest in some rawplugs too.

You’ll also need to double check you have a tape measure, a light pencil or something to make a small indent in the wall for guidance and a working spirit level. It may also be a good idea to bribe a friend or family member to help you, especially if the mirror is heavy or an awkward size.

TOP TIP! Worried your mirror will look out of place on your wall? Why not make a paper template of the size and shape so you can check first! Then simply pin or tac to your wall to reflect on your decision.

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