There is nothing worse than an empty, sad bare wall! An important aspect of interior design is wall art. The team at Casa Chic recommend a picture frame with mount for an elegant look and for a great way to help bring together your room’s décor. That is why we include a picture mount with every frame that we sell.

Picture frames come in a variety of colours and sizes to help capture the memorable moments you choose for your walls. However, there are times when framing a bigger picture or artwork that you will need to ensure you mount it properly. We’ve done the research for you to make it easier! Here the 3 top common mistakes that you need to avoid when selecting mounts for your picture frames.

Use of acidic mounts

Pictures tend to age with time, and one reason for this is the mounting material used. A popular choice are acidic papers that are used in mounting a frame. The type of material affects the state of the photo frame directly. To avoid unnecessary aging, it is essential to select acid-neutral paper on mounting boards that will preserve the picture.

When selecting the mounting, always ensure you go for the Conservation mounting board that is available in the UK and has unlimited advantages to it. First, this technique increases the longevity of the photo, due to the acid-free backing board. It is essential to realise that as time goes by the quality of the art lessens; hence it is vital to ensure the art is preserved.

Additionally, when you are buying photo frames, it is crucial to observe the layering and kind of materials used. The size of the picture generally determines this. Working according to your budget allows you to find quite affordable frames that will make your picture last longer.

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Acidic mounting tapes

Before hanging the picture on the wall, it is essential to use tape to ensure the photograph remains intact in the mounting frame. Mounting tapes play a primary role; however the kind of tape that you use determines the ageing process of the wall art. Neutral ph tapes are essential in reducing the ageing process and they come in a rage of varieties from self- adhesive paper, gum paper and gum cotton rag that is very eco-friendly and mild on the mounts.

When you are using the tape, it is crucial to avoid taping the whole art onto the frame. It will prevent the artwork to expand or contract in case of high temperatures. Remember, the piece of art will be affected by natural factors hence it is vital to fully secure the artwork with appropriate tape.


Hinging is significant. The mode of hinging determines how wall art will sit on the space. The most common challenge is where to place the hinging material on the mount board. A picture can be damaged if the hinging is wrong; hence it is essential to consider the weight and the kind of material that is used.

It is essential to avoid placing the hinging tape from the front side of the piece. This will affect the hinging process as the artwork can fall or appear unattractive when placed on the wall. The correct hinging process is through the rear mount board as it allows the art to be more intact with the wall. .

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To wrap it up

Mounting your photos or artwork is an important skill and can really help your wall art stand out. High-quality decorations should appear chic and brighten the room. Casa Chic supply affordable photo frames in the UK, both designed and manufactured by the team for bespoke results. Good news – we include a mount with every one of our picture frames.  It’s easy to avoid these common picture mounting mistakes when you buy a picture frame from Casa Chic. 

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