Oversized wall clocks are not just for telling the time; they are statement pieces that can add a real wow factor to your home. Unique wall clocks are often used as a final touch to bring the dĂ©cor of a room together. Mantelpiece clocks have always been popular, and a new growing trend is including a wall clock in the kitchen too!  

The downside of oversized wall clocks is that sometimes their weight can make hanging problematic. The good news is we have tracked down the main things you need to consider when hanging a heavy clock. Read on for our top tips!

Finding the Perfect Spot for Your Heavy Clock

A wall clock can cover a large area, and this means that sometimes they can be rather heavy. Therefore, its important to find adequate space in your living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. For instance, clocks above the mantelpiece are sleek, stylish and artistic when mounted on a wall with the right lighting.

The next step is determining how high you want your clock by holding it above the furniture. Hanging it above your eye level is perfect, but you can adjust the distance for comfort. Most oversized timepieces draw attention to your furniture. Therefore, you should be aware of the position of your furniture when mounting the decorative clocks. While the clock may steal the limelight if you hang it above your couch, finding a minimalist design will complement your furniture.

Giant clocks need anchoring on the wall due to their heavyweight. It is best to mount them over a drywall or wall studs for adequate support.

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How to Hang Your Timepiece

If the oversized clock has hooks installed, you can only mount the timepiece on the walls stated in the instruction manual. Using the wrong hooks may cause your clock to fall. However, you can purchase hooks suited for your walls’ material as long as they can support the clock’s weight.

When hanging your wall clock, you will need the following tools:

  • A stud finder for locating the stud in the wall.
  • Anchor screws for supporting the weight of the kitchen clocks.
  • A drill or screwdriver for fitting anchors into the wall.
  • A pencil for marking the hanging spots.
hang clock stud wall

1. Find the Stud in Your Wall

Once you have identified the wall you want to mount the timepiece on, you need to locate the stud behind the drywall before drilling. A stud finder will come in handy when identifying the start and end of the stud. You can also tap the area with your hand. The muffled sound indicates there is a stud while the hollow sound indicates absence.

What if you do not find a stud in the area you want to hang the clock? You can use a screw anchor to hold the screw in place and mount your timepiece securely.

2. Locate the Right Spot for the Clock

Before drilling, you need to hold the timepiece on your wall to ensure the placement is satisfactory. Once you have nailed the height and centred the clock, you need to mark the topmost point with a pencil. The markings will guide you when you are drilling and hanging the clock.

wall clock mark spot with pencil


3. Drill Into the Stud

When you start drilling, ensure the hole is smaller than the anchor screw. You must drill at the stud’s centre and choose suitable anchor screws for your clock’s weight. In case the holes are bigger, you can drill different spots, at least an inch or two above the initial area.

4. Secure the Wall Anchor and Hang Your Timepiece

After drilling the pilot holes, secure the anchors using the instruction manual on the clocks. Study the mounting area of the timepiece and look for a small hole to fit the screws on the walls. If the watch is too heavy, screws may not support the weight. However, you can add anchors to ensure the oversized timepiece does not fall.

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How to Hang Your Clock With an Adhesive Hook

If you live in a rented home and you cannot drill the wall, an adhesive hook is your best option for mounting your clock. Adhesives stick better on a dry and clean surface. Therefore, you should wipe down the area with an alcohol spray or cleaner and dry it thoroughly. Find the perfect spot for the clock, attach the adhesive hook and press it onto the wall. When the adhesive hook is in place, stick the mounting area of the watch to the adhesive.

Now you know how to hang a heavy wall clock, do you know which design you are going for? Unusual wall clocks can add sophistication and a touch of class to your décor. Looking for a formal look? Try our white and black clock, an attractive but minimalist design to avoid visual clutter. Want a wall clock that will stand out? How about large rose gold wall clock with roman numerals?

We love using wall clocks as a design tool, get in touch if you have any questions…..we are always happy to help.

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