Nothing shouts boring and tasteless like a room with bare walls. Whether an art piece, a picture of yourself or a gallery of photos, having a hanging on your wall not only adds life to the room but also allows your visitors a glimpse into your personality. With affordable photo frames to make any photo or art piece neat and hangable, finding pieces for your home should be no hassle at all.

In fact, the more challenging bit of the job is figuring out the right way to hang the frame on the wall. A properly hung frame will not just showcase the picture held within but will also match and add to the aesthetics of your home, all with safety in mind. You don’t want your solid wood photo frame flying off the wall and beheading a visiting friend.

Below is a comprehensive guide on hanging frames; detailing everything from choosing and installing an attachment, getting the positioning right, selecting and attaching the hanger, to doing the actual hanging.

1. Selecting and Fitting an Attachment

Echtholz 3er Bilderrahmen für 10x15 Bilder mit Plexiglasscheibe - Weiß - Rahmenbreite 2cmThe sawtooth and the D-ring (hanging wire) are the two most commonly used attachments for hanging frames. The sawtooth attachment is a piece of metal with a sawed edge that grips on the hanger to hold the frame in place. The D-ring, on the other hand, is made up of two rings fixed to the frame sides with a wire running in between them.

The sawtooth attachment is most suitable for smaller frames – under 14” X 14” – whereas the D-ring or hanging wire can bear the weight of larger and heavier frames as it allows the use of multiple hooks when needed. To fit the attachments, you can either use a screwdriver – for softer wood – or a drill – for solid wood photo frames – to make the holes for the screws. Luckily, some picture frames in the UK come with the attachment in place, saving you the extra hustle of fitting one yourself.

2. Getting the Positioning Right

Determining the right position to place your piece is often a challenge, with high chances of getting it either too high or too low. For a single frame, measure your desired wall and mark out the horizontal centre. To determine the vertical position, use the rule of thumb where the hanging should be at eye level; since the eye level is different for everyone, experts approximate it to be at about 60 – 65 inches from the ground.

If you are putting up a gallery of photos or artworks, the trick to figuring out the correct position is to treat all the pieces like a single unit. Locate the vertical centre of the wall and use it as the point from which the pieces will spread up and down. For galleries, the horizontal placement of the pictures is not fixed, and you can, therefore, let your creative flair guide you. You might want to make paper-cuts matching your frames to help you with accurate placement before you get to drilling the holes

3. Attaching the Nail

To find the ideal spot for your nail, measure the distance from the sawtooth bottom to the top of the frame, or the distance from the top of the frame to the wire when pulled taut. The next step is to hammer in your nail so that an eighth of it is sticking out of the wall to give your frame adequate support. Alternatively, a picture hook can be used to hold the frame in place

Voila! You can now hang your piece on the hook or nail and enjoy the fruits of a job well done.

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