Whether you have a large shabby chic wall mirror or a small one that is designed for shaving or applying make-up, cleaning it should involve the same techniques. Full length mirrors fitted to wardrobes are particularly prone to greasy finger print marks that seem to need cleaning almost continually. However, if you clean a mirror in a methodical way, your reflective surface should remain in a pristine condition for a long time without the need to repeat the process. So, if you would like to perfect your technique and get rid of unwanted marks, especially those which appear when the surface mists up, read on to find out how.

Step One – Clear Debris

To begin with, take your mirror down so that you can work on it safely without potentially knocking it off. No one will want a large shabby wall mirror falling onto them as they clean it. That said, it is not always practical to take down a freestanding full length mirror if it is already adequately supported. The point is to dust the frame and rear side so that you can then concentrate on the reflective surface itself. Next, use a moistened cotton pad to get rid of any debris or grime that has become stuck on the surface. Typically, particles of hairspray and streaks of cosmetics cling to the face so you will want any such greasy deposits fully removed before you proceed. If you find that they are not becoming free, then try applying a little rubbing alcohol. This will disinfect the surface as well as making it easier to get deposits off.

Step Two – Mist the Surface

With a fully prepared surface, you should now spray the mirror with a window cleaning product. Vinegar is a perfectly acceptable alternative but you may have to get used to the smell if you opt for this type of fluid. Ideally, you will get an even distribution of the cleaner over the entire surface. The point about misting is that you don’t want to overdo it or the cleaner will run down, something that will frequently lead to undesirable streaks.

Step Three – Prepare Your Cloth

This is the key to creating a truly sparkling surface. Use a clean microfibre cloth for the best results but fold it in half and then half again. This way you can use a clean section of your cloth for the four quadrants of your full length mirror. Larger ones need this approach or you can end up inadvertently pushing dirt that has collected on your cloth onto an already cleaned section, thereby compromising your results.

Step Four – Wipe Your Mirror

Start at the top and wipe left to right. Now place your cloth on the left-hand side and swipe rightwards once more with a slight downward angle. This will push any remaining dirt down. Once you have cleaned a quarter of the surface, switch to the next section of your cloth. Proceed in this manner until you have reached the bottom. You should now have a perfectly clean surface whether you have cleaned a small or a large metal wall mirror so that it will look great with the rest of your home.

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