Clocks have been used as practical timepieces to prevent you from running late. However, now they are more widely used as décor accessories. Adding a big wall clock provides a stylish focal point, while also effortlessly bringing life to the room. Any kind of clock is perfect as a timepiece. But if you want to make a bold statement to complement your home décor, you need an oversized clock.

Oversized clocks double up as beautiful work of art. They occupy a significant amount of visual space on your wall. Your choice of a big clock should, however, not be too dramatic to overwhelm your small space or appear like a small dot on a huge wall.

So how do you find the perfect big wall clock for your wall? Just follow the tips in this blog post and you will learn how big an oversized clock should be on the wall.

Horloge Murale - 30 cm de diamètre - Mécanisme Quartz Silencieux – Blanc et Or Rose

What Wall Clock Size Do I Need?

There are various factors that significantly influence your choice of a wall clock. The right size of big wall clocks will ultimately help you meet your décor expectations. Here are factors you should consider when choosing an oversized wall clock.

The Perfect Room Size for an oversized clock

Typically, there is no established standard ratio of the available wall space and your preferred clock. But practically, an overly big wall clock would look ridiculous in a small room.

The size of your room should guide you in choosing a perfectly-sized clock. For instance, if you have a large living room, you should consider getting a big clock for your living room. With the average clock size being about 30 inches, a 15 to 28-inch wall clock will gracefully fit your big living room without competing for attention with other décor accessories.

Where to hang an oversized wall clock

Although clocks are generally used to tell time, their functionality has since shifted to make them useful décor accessories. If you are looking to use your big clock as a centrepiece to vividly display the character of your room, then go for a 12 to 25-inch clock.

If you are going to put your clock alongside other décor accessories, then consider a plain clock that will overshadow all other items on that wall. Alternatively, you can play around with different patterns and textures of clocks, if you intend to only use the clock as your décor. A simple but contemporary piece of clock will be ideal for anyone looking to only tell the time.

Grande Horloge Murale - Mecanisme Quartz Silencieux - 60cm de Diamètre - Chiffres Romains - Style Vintage - Métal - Noir

What room is best to hang an oversized room clock

The room you intend to hang your big wall clock relatively affects its size. For instance, a big clock for your kitchen will not only help you effortlessly keep an eye on the time while enjoying a much-deserved tea break, but it will also bring out its character. Additionally, you can add your preferred choice of statement wall clock in your home gym for décor or your kid’s room so they can easily tell the time.

Statement Wall Clocks Alongside Other Décor Items

Ideally, it is possible to put your big wall clock alongside other décor pieces. However, be careful not to create visual clutter on your wall. If you want a big clock for your wall to make a bold statement, you should, therefore, remove other statement accessories that may be taking away all the attention. Do not confuse viewers with multiple bold décors; instead, find a big clock for that living room, and pair it with other small items on your wall. That way, your big wall clock will command the attention it deserves.

We Have the Best Oversized Wall Clocks

There is no formula necessary in choosing the right oversized wall clock. There are, however, a few factors that should guide you in deciding how big your oversized wall clock should be. These factors include the size of your room and wall, the purpose of your big clock and pairing your clock with other décor items.

At Casa Chic Boutique, we have a wide collection of bespoke wall clocks for all your needs. Our collection of large wall clocks are as big as 30 inches in diameter. You can either choose a metal Roman numeral big clock for your kitchen or a large silent quartz mechanism wall clock, with a diameter of between 12 to 30 inches.

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