Want a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to make a bathroom or an en-suite seem larger than it really is? You need a mirror!
There are many reasons why wall mirrors look good when they are incorporated into a bathroom’s design. Simply making the space feel more accommodating is the chief reason for most. Read on to find out why bathroom mirrors are so chic and practical at creating the illusion of more space.

How Do Round Mirrors Make Bathrooms Seem Larger?

Round wall mirrors in UK bathrooms make them look larger than they are. They provide a porthole through which you can see into a space that seems as big as the one you are standing in. If you find your bathroom a little cramped, a round mirror is the perfect addition. It wont let you see the whole space reflected back, just a glimpse, so the mind’s eye fills in the gaps and makes you think the space you are in is much, much more spacious than it really is. This trick of the eye – or optical illusion, if you prefer – is also one that you can pull off in small en-suites and downstairs cloakrooms.

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Weißer Wandspiegel aus Metall - Rund 58,5 cm Durchmesser - Galvanisiertes Metall - Ideal für Badezimmer und Wohnzimmer - Weiss

Let the Light Bounce Around

Although all large metal wall mirrors reflect light to make the interiors of bathrooms seem airier, round ones are particularly good at achieving an ethereal sparkle. This is because they have no straight edges or corners. Therefore, when light hits the edge of a round mirror, it will reflect the light back into the room at multiple angles. In turn, this means that the sunlight that is coming in through the window will be dispersed into the bathroom, helping to ensure that there are no perceived dark patches or gloomy corners. This is especially the case, of course, if you have your mirror facing other reflective surfaces, such as glazed shower enclosures or glossy wall tiles.

Remember that you cannot always achieve this sparkling light effect with mirrors that have straight edges. However, both circular and oval mirrors are able to work in this way, thereby adding to the sense of greater space in your bathroom. Our popular large Shabby Chic Wall Mirror for the bathroom is an option that is well worth considering that creates just this effect.

Highlight Bathroom Features

Mirrors can be used in more interesting ways in bathrooms than simply creating a reflective surface to gaze into when applying makeup of brushing your hair. For example, they can bring the eye line into focus with a bathroom feature you may have. Let’s say you own a particularly attractive freestanding bathtub or a jacuzzi bath you want to draw attention to as a particularly spacious part of the bathroom’s design. If you place a round mirror on the wall behind it, then the feature will become instantly much larger.

The same trick works with a poky shower enclosure that you might want to seem is bigger than, in fact, it is. Not only will it the particular bathroom feature be bathed in more light from your round wall mirror but you will catch glimpses of the feature in the mirror from different angles as you move around the room.

Rococo by Casa Chic – Silberner Shabby Chic Wandspiegel – 90 x 60 cm – Handgefertigter Spiegel – Barock – Groß – Massivholz – Antik Silber

Freestanding Mirrors

Although metal wall mirrors are great for making your bathroom seem larger, they are not the only option. Freestanding mirrors are also great for making bathrooms seem bigger. Placed in an unused corner, they are perfect for anyone who likes to pamper themselves in the bathroom without feeling as though they are in a cramped space. .

At Casa Chic Boutique, we not only design but also manufacture our mirrors– this is what makes our collection stand out.  All of our mirrors are skilfully crafted, hand-finished, and come complete with wall fittings.

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