If we learned one thing in 2020, it was that lockdown changes how we live at home. Everything from our living space to the materials we buy is forecast to change, as we keep navigating our path through the pandemic. Even if you’re short on time and have a limited budget, you can give your favourite room in the house a new, fresh look. Here are 5 simple and affordable ways to refresh a room.

revamp coffee table

Rearrange and Revitalise

You might have always kept your furniture in the same place, however maybe some rearranging would improve the aesthetics of your home. Would the dining room curtains look better in the master bedroom? Or, could you enhance a room by hanging a French window mirror on a different wall?

If your home is quite spacious, try increasing the distance between the furniture and the walls. This makes the layout more interesting and creates intimate areas for socialising.

Next, examine the furniture itself to see whether it looks worn or tired. Would your coffee table benefit from a lick of colourful paint? Or, if the cushions on your sofa have been flattened, could you fill them with old clothes or update the inners?

update your curtains

Pay Attention to Your Window Treatments

If you leave your windows bare, like many homeowners do, you will miss out on the opportunity to transform your home decor. You can use any style of window dressing and the options are only limited by your imagination. You could try minimalistic bamboo shades, beachy white gauze drapes or striking geometric curtain panels.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start, take inspiration from your existing colour schemes. Often, the best approach is to use curtain panels the same colour as your walls. This produces a look that complements any style of home decor.

This affordable French window mirror is perfect for people who love something a little bit different.

cheap way to update home

Give Your Walls Some Love

Statement walls are an excellent way to create a big visual impact, without having to invest much effort or time. Invariably, they improve the richness of your home design and make it look more dynamic.

You could either paint a wall your favourite colour or buy a rose gold wall clock. If you are concerned about taking the plunge and then regretting your actions, there are removable wallpaper products that you can use without much commitment.

Alternatively, you could hang a bold piece of artwork on your wall, fit some floating shelves to show off your ornaments, or instantly give your room a glow with our rose gold wall clock 60cm.

new rug for home

Lay Down Some New Rugs

A new rug will make your living space feel warmer and more stylish. Therefore, if you want to refresh a room, an area rug will do the trick nicely. Even preloved antique rugs are great for covering large floor spaces. 

Say it With Flowers

Finally, there’s nothing that will brighten up your home more than vases filled with flowers. Put these in every room to beautify your living space and impress your guests. In rooms with limited sunlight, use silk arrangements that require no maintenance.

Fresh flowers look great in crystal decanter vases. Make your kitchen sparkle with a decorative bowl containing fresh fruit, which can be covered with a colourful mesh food protector. If you have plant pots lying around, plant some herbs into these and display them on a kitchen window shelf. Glass shelves in your kitchen will produce a nice indoor conservatory look.

There are many cheap ways to restyle your home that will not break the bank. Study the above list and each room in your home, then get to work as soon as possible. Even small updates can do much to refresh your rooms, your mood and your self-motivation. 

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