While art comes in varied dimensions and shapes, photographs and art prints on the other hand have ideal sizes that make it easy to display. Well, having people smiling back at you on your wall canvas, or perhaps thrilling nature graphics that inspire nostalgic feeling is a dream of every decent home.

It is therefore essential to ensure you get the sizing right when personalising your wall. Did you know that one of the most popular sizes is an A2 frame with A3 mount

A2 frame with A3 mount sizing

Why do I need to Frame My Photos?

Before diving into sizes, understanding the reasons for mounting is equally necessary. Great pictures bring great memories and therefore deserve a noble display. By framing photographs, you’re turning great memories and scenes into décor. The right photo frame sizes can be more than just a holder decorating your wall. They have the capacity to make your graphics more vibrant and blooming as well as add a special finishing touch to your wall.

Better still, you can get diverse display options than just using basic frames while using the right mounting and framing combinations. Using good mounting and framing techniques assures you protection from factors such as acidic conditions in the air or from the wall itself.

How Do I Check the Sizing When Ordering Picture Frames?

Framed photos change how you perceive your own home, and the beauty of it is that you can customize the frames the way you want. Whether you prefer natural wooden frames for a rusty farmhouse look or a classic black frame and white matte for a vibrant modern feel, you need to make an informed decision to fulfil your purpose. Consider the following tips for a detailed guide on how to get the right size when ordering an A2 frame with an A3 mount.

Consider the Visible Area To Fit Your Picture

Picture frame sizes are designed to fit your graphical content inside the frame. As such, the edges of your picture may be hidden and therefore you might need to clip the frame if you desire to view the entire content

What’s Your Photo Type?

Put into consideration the type of photo you are planning to display. A family photo, in most cases, is printed in large sizes to project all smiles in the picture. This type therefore can require a thin, simple frame. Other simple photos with one point of focus could require a more intricate and thicker frame.


A2 frame with A3 mount

Trim Your Pictures If It Is Too Big for the Photo Frame Size

Although this might not be a recommendable practice, replaceable pictures can be trimmed to a perfect size. If you have a relatively smaller picture, use a quality paper cutter. Also, ensure that all edges are perfectly straight and avoid using scissors at all cost. You do not want to ruin your museum-quality piece of art for some minor cutting errors.

What Is Your Matting Size?

Matting will most likely have an impact on the picture frame sizes. While there is a variety of colours and texture to choose from, small picture sizes with thick matting will idyllically require a larger frame. Make sure you have in mind the precise size of your matting to perfectly blend with the A2 frame.

Know the Size of Your Photo

Knowing the size of your photos will give you an idea of the photo frame sizes you require. You ought to have your photo size at the back of your mind while browsing through Casa Chic’s pages before submitting your order. By doing that, you are likely to make a precise estimate of the size.

Why not view Casa Chic’s frames to help you make a good size estimate for your gallery wall. 

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