We love the thought of cosying up for the colder months. Accessorising your home for winter is not too dissimilar to choosing your winter wardrobe: soft scarves, suede gloves, that statement red coat. It’s all in the layers, textures and adding a dash of colour. Check out our 5 easy ways to cosy up your home this winter.

Before you start

It is important to embrace each season with a switch of accessories. The aim of being cosy at home, isn’t to be cluttered, but to feel refreshed in your rejuvenated environment with all your home comforts. To help you reimagine your space, take a look at our 3 steps below:  

Throw away or store items which outdated or no longer give your joy e.g. old magazines, photos, that sombrero hat from your last summer holiday. 

Select two favourite areas in your home, these will be the spaces you seek refuge and will spend your time in.

Pick out two areas in your home which are a little lacklustre and could do with some attention. You never know, you may end up with more room for yourself than you thought, by brightening up these spaces. 

Now you’re ready for our top 5 ways to make your home cosy for winter.  


Jewel Tones

Vibrant colours such as deep purples and emerald greens are a great way to lure the eye and show off your interior design flare. 

CUSHIONS: On sofas or beds, who could resist curling up on those luxurious colours after a long day!

PHOTOS & ARTWORK: Change up your photos and artwork with a colour pop. Use photoshop or simple apps to bring out one colour in a black and white scene.

The use of a simple frame with white mount will help finish this look.

PLANTS: Greenery at any time of year is a must, but instead of boring poinsettia to give you a splash of colour try a more modern look with soothing lavenders or a bold crimson calathea.

Cadre Photo 10 x 15 cm en Bois Massif - Vitre en Verre - Marron Rustique
overmantle mirror



Playing with textures is a fun way to create your own unique style in a room. 

SHAGGY RUGS: Shaggy rugs are a great way to add softness and warmth to a wooden floor. 

WALLS: Overmantle mirrors with detailed frames have the most striking effect when reflecting light. Simple additions like this  Shabby Chic French Style Mirror and other long wall mirrors can give a soft glow and the feeling of space.

MIX and MATCH: Don’t be afraid to mix materials as well as colours. Velvets, faux fur, chunky cable knits, can be incorporated easily in your choice of cushions, throws or rugs. 




Think outside the box when it comes to adding layers to your room.

BLANKETS and CUSHIONS: Adding throws to drape over your sofa, small forgotten armchairs, ottomans or even those decorative wooden ladders you never use! All will add to instant winter feels.  

COFFEE TABLE BOOKS: Table books are the perfect form self-expression and inspiration. Try seasonal poetry or a more adventurous Ski Routes of Chamonix, the choice is yours. 

DRESS UP YOUR DINING TABLE: Set your table with your best tableware, gold cutlery, a jewel-coloured table runner and candles. Why wait for dinner parties! 

Grande Horloge Murale – Mecanisme Quartz Silencieux – 100cm de Diamètre – Chiffres Romains – Style Vintage – Métal – Noir
mirror opposite bed


Elements of Nature

Bring neutral tones and designs from or inspired by nature into your home. 

STRAIGHT FROM NATURE: Loose pinecones, dried leaves in photo frames or tall wooden sticks in a vase for a more minimalist look. These little hints of winter are cosy addition for any room.

LOGS BY THE FIRE: Chopped logs are very affordable and make a big impact. Place by your fire, or in a little forgotten nook in your home dressed in fairy lights, for that extra warm glow. 

INSPIRED BY NATURE: Try adding something like this Modern Mirror with Vines with gold leaf effect to help you celebrate nature in your home. Great for making a feature and giving light to a space. 



With the curtains closed more often in the winter, it’s important to think about how you’ll incorporate light into your living space. 

WINDOW MIRROR: Placed strategically, mirrors are perfect ways to enhance the lighting and the size of your space. Oversized wall mirrors, like this French Window Mirror add a unique shape to a feature wall or perhaps placed between two windows for the illusion of the outdoors. What better view is there than cosy home?

LAMPS: Perfect for drawing attention to key areas in your home, over cosy reading chairs or in the hallway. Use near mirrors to help them reflect more light. 

UP LIGHTING: Create a soft glow where there may be shadows in your home. Using strip lights under cabinets, or picture lights to highlight your artwork. 

Grand Cadre Photo en Bois Massif de 50 x 70 cm pour Affiche ou Poster avec Passe-Partout de 40 x 50 cm Inclus, Vitre en Plexiglas - Blanc

Hopefully, you have gained some insight into the best ways to make your home cosy this winter. Casa Chic Boutique can help you find the mirror or picture frame of your dreams that suits both you and your interior. Browse our collection now or get in touch with any questions – we are always happy to help. Happy winter shopping!


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