How important are mirrors around the home? They make a great difference in a room that needs more light, when strategically-placed opposite windows or lighting, but just how important are they to our sense of well-being? It all depends on how we view, or wish to see, the room in question, and what we want our home to say about us.

Lift Your Spirits

A room that lacks natural daylight or sunlight can seem dull, affecting the mood of anyone who has to spend time in it. Placed opposite a window, or close to lamps, a mirror will brighten corners and give you a lift. Use several to bounce light off one another, or make an impact with a large metal wall mirror, which will bring its own sparkle. Add bright pictures or photographs in pale or coloured frames, and complement them all with a large wall clock.

a mirror, das spiegel

For Practical People

Mirrors, like everything else that you choose for your home, give away quite a lot about you. You might see them as a purely practical solution where you can style your hair, and check your outfit. In that case, the full length version is the most useful, while also allowing you to express your individuality, so search out the best ranges of standing mirrors in the UK.

full length mirror UK

Express Yourself

If, however, you view a looking-glass as an expression of your taste and personality, you’ll want it to stand out, and will consider it along with the rest of your decor. Opt for a shabby chic wall mirror with a white or gilded frame, and display it on a dark wall to stunning effect. The full-length variety of this style would look perfect standing in a corner of the bedroom, especially if it’s faux vintage or metal-framed.

shabby chic mirror

Go With the Flow

For followers of the Chinese custom of feng shui, layout is paramount in promoting a peaceful atmosphere to flow through the interior of the property, expelling anything that clutters your mind. The idea is that if you organise your space, your life will be simpler, and you will feel calmer. Mirrors are important in this process, being able to reflect and multiply, but must be correctly placed, so that they don’t slow the flow of energy – hanging any reflective surface opposite a door is never a good idea, confusingly creating two exits.

bathroom wall mirror

For the Traditionalist

If you are a traditional soul and inclined to be cautious, this will be clear in your choice of furnishings and decoration. Your inclination will be to hang one mirror per room, and you’ll want a nice neutral frame to co-ordinate with your fabrics and furniture. You could stay within your safety zone, but still make a statement, with one of the impressive floor standing mirrors that are UK produced.

Schwarzer Shabby Chic Spiegel zum Hinstellen oder Aufhängen - Handgefertigt - Barock - Groß - 130x45 cm - Antik Schwarz - Facettenschliff

Express Yourself

If, however, you like to make a style statement, you won’t be satisfied with articles that are purely functional. A shabby chic wall mirror will make your guests sit up and take notice, both of it and of your taste. With models in distressed or painted wood, in intricate or plain finishes, you can place these on-trend items in every room. Vintage styling would suit a bedroom or bathroom, while a distressed white version would hang tastefully in a hallway or kitchen.

shabby chic mirror gold

Inner Calm

If you need plenty of “me-time” to maintain and improve your sense of mental and physical well-being, a mirror will help you to achieve this. Already reflective in the literal sense, it will lead your thoughts to a world within. Or carefully positioned, it will reflect the world beyond your window, and bring it into your private space. Garden mirrors would be the obvious choice here, but if you feel the need for some self-indulgence, something like a shabby chic wall mirror might give you a boost.

shabby chic mirror

Whatever your tastes and needs, there is something for you, so make sure you go for the best mirrors in the UK. Work out your decor and make a note of colour schemes, including the furniture that you already own – don’t just stick up a looking-glass with no connection to its surroundings, but make it part of the overall view.

Whether they’re small, large, plain or ornate, we really do need mirrors of some sort. If you can’t decide yourself, get in touch and let us help you make a statement with one of our fabulous mirrors!

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