Mirrors are versatile and are not just to be used for personal grooming and decorating the house. Today, we explore how they can be a valuable tool for people with small, dull spaces looking to add some air and life to their home. Here are some of the best ways to make a small room feel bigger with mirrors.

1. Use them to Create a Window

A small room with no windows can feel dingy and suffocating.  You can use a window mirror to help. Window Mirrors are cut, framed, and placed strategically to imitate a window. These mirrors will not only add a touch of glamour and make the room feel brighter but will also open up space and eliminate the sense of claustrophobia. You can also use artistically-cut mirrors which could achieve the impression of a window without the need for framing.

Window Mirror

2. Floor-length Mirrors

If you have a low ceiling and wish to make your room appear longer, then full length mirrors are your best bet. Their elongated form instantly draws the eyes up and makes the room appear longer. 

There are various impressive optical illusions that you can easily pull off with tall, slender mirrors. For instance, reflecting a wall of a different colour and decoration will make the mirror look like a doorway to another room. This instantly gives the room a sense of space.

3. Lighten Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house and could definitely use some help making it appear bigger. A well-placed mirror will add space to the kitchen and also make it brighter for a better cooking experience. Furthermore, you can place the mirrors in dark areas – such as behind the stove – where they will make use of the available light to make it a more open and easier to clean space.

4. Use Large Mirrors

Oversized mirrors are often an easy-to-integrate solution for more interior designers. A large metal wall mirror will capture most of the room, multiplying most of the space while also seamlessly complementing the décor of the room. They effectively make the room appear wider and higher. These are usually easy to place as you can just stand them against the wall and you are good to go.

Large metal wall mirror

5. Use Furniture with Mirrors

Furniture is usually one of the biggest space consumers in the house. By making them feel larger, you effectively give the room a sense of largeness. One way to achieve this is by placing mirrored tiles in front or on top of your kitchen cabinet. This will not only add space to the area around the cabinet but also make the cabinet appear larger. A large metal wall mirror on top of your cabinet will multiply the remaining upward space and make the ceiling feel higher than it is.

As opposed to the black mirrors used on most coffee tables and cabinet fronts which absorb and retain the light, mirrored furniture fronts will capture and reflect the light, making the room brighter and more lively.

The above are just some of the space-increasing stunts you can pull with mirrors in your room. Feel free to experiment with more creative options than full length mirrors such as using an assortment of them together, placing one on the ceiling or floor, and so on until you get the one that works best for you.

Now you are hopefully convinced that mirrors do make your room feel bigger! Casa Chic Boutique can help you find the mirror of your dreams that suits both you and your interior. We stock an exclusive, bespoke range of mirrors with a no-quibble returns policy. Browse our collection now or get in touch with any questions – we are always happy to help. Happy shopping!

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