Picture frames are so underrated. Here are ten brilliant ideas among many others will undoubtedly make you want to bring out your old frames or even buy an affordable picture frame and give them a new use!

1) An original planter

Create an elegant mini greenhouse with three frames of the same size glued together and repainted in a neutral or more colourful shade. Add a plinth, some succulents and add a votive candle if you wish. You can use a photo frame to make a super-cool succulent wall garden.

plants in frame

2) Upcycle it and turn it into a cool framed chalkboard

A noticeboard is always handy, and for a few pounds, you could turn an unwanted picture frame or a cheap frame into a useful and attractive feature, ideal for a bedroom or kitchen.

chalkboard in frame

3) An unusual jewellery holder

A simple frame with an added wire grid will allow you to store all your pairs of earrings conveniently and neatly. Hang on the wall with pretty jewellery; the frame will dress the wall and bring a pop of colour. Choose a vintage-style frame, if possible, which gives a nice boudoir aspect to a dressing table..

jewellery in frame

4) For your favourite holiday photos

Hang pretty cords on each side of the frame and peg your favourite photos to the string. It’s an inexpensive and fun way to display your pictures in a different way.

5) A key holder

Turn a photo frame into a key holder by adding some hooks and hanging near the front door. Get a frame, three screws, and you’ve got yourself a practical and original storage solution for your keys. You’ll never waste time hunting for lost keys again!

key holder picture frame

6) A slim, practical and pretty charging station

Thrifty types will love a fabulous charging station that would look attractive on any kitchen worktop or wall.

7) A fun tray to present your cakes or bring breakfast in bed to your other half

With a frame that contains a floral print, prepare a pretty decoration for your table on which you can place your most beautiful culinary creations. You can similarly use a frame to make serving trays or even coasters with small-sized frames.

frame tray

8) Elegant light switches

Remember the empty photo frame that surrounded the spy hole in the TV sitcom ‘Friends’. You can use the same technique to jazz up boring light switches around your home. After all, a switch is not very pretty so all the more reason to try to decorate it and make it into an attractive and surprising detail. If you are looking for a way to stand out and have an eye for detail: go for it!

switch in frame

9) Make a framed headboard

Headboards can be surprisingly expensive. If you have a few large frames, you could convert them into a functional and stylish headboard. There are plenty of instructions for projects online and is a great way to save space and money.

picture bed frame

10) An elegant cat flap

Cats are the most stylish of pets but their cat flaps sadly rarely reflect this. Treat your moggy to a beautiful framed cat flap using an affordable picture frame. Just make sure you check the measurements first.

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