Full body mirrors, especially when placed in the hallway, are great for checking out how you look in your outfit before you set off. However, they are also very handy accessories that light up your home and create the illusion of space, which is exactly what you need in smaller spaces. The problem with large mirrors for walls is that their dominant effect could just as easily work against you if you are not careful. A room equally should not just be all mirror and you should avoid a purposeless over door mirror that is too poorly placed to create any effect.

More mistakes get made when dealing with full-body mirrors because an incorrectly placed one tends to make a bigger impression – so it will bother you every day! To help, we’ve highlighted the topmost common mistakes you should look out for when hanging your full-length mirror. Follow our steps and you will be sure to enjoy any of the stunning long mirrors from our collection to the fullest.

Mistake 1: Putting the Light Behind You or Directly Above You

Large mirrors for walls are fantastic when used to reflect light, so having light shining directly onto them means all of it will be reflected – probably into your eyes. Since temporary blindness is not a fun way to start your morning, ensure the main light is not directly behind you or anywhere it will go directly to the mirror. When trying to use the mirror in this kind of lighting, a halo will form around your head and prevent you from seeing your face. 


Because light only travels in straight lines, there will be none reflected from your face, and all you will see will be the glare around you. Another pitfall would be having the lighting directly above you and the mirror. This only casts shadows on your features, which creates an unflattering effect that you probably won’t be crazy about.

The best positioning of the mirror is therefore somewhere in front of you or above the mirror. If you are using natural lighting, place the mirror beside the window from where it can reflect the room without casting glares. The position of the lighting should also be kept constant at all times of the day even if it means having constant source of artificial light to accompany your mirror. One easy way you can achieve this is by placing sconces on either side of your full-length mirror.

Mistake 2: Not Leaving Enough Space to Stand Far Enough from the Mirror

The point of having a full-length mirror is so that you can see yourself from crown to toe. However, despite their length, you will only see yourself if you stand far enough away. So here the idea is to hang your full-length mirror in a place where there is enough space in front of it for you to stand and for it to hang naturally from the wall. You need to ensure you can see both your shoes and your hair without straining.

The recommended distance required between you and a full-length mirror is half your height. Avoid areas where there will be too many items in front of the mirror leaving limited room for you. Ideal places are the back of a door- the part of the door you see when inside a room- since this area is automatically cleared so that the door can open and close. This over door mirror position is also convenient for dressing rooms and other smaller rooms.

One understated advantage of hanging your full-length mirror in the closet is that it is only seen when you need it. This is important if your room is such that the only wall suitable for a full-length mirror is in such a position that it will reflect light away from the room thus darkening it, or reflect light directly to your bed or some other undesirable areas. Which brings us to the next most common mistake:

Mistake 3: Putting the Mirror Opposite Your Bed

Having a mirror opposite your bed is asking for sleepless nights. When light bounces off the mirror, it will shine directly in your face. Even if this light is of low intensity, it will reduce the quality of your sleep. Let us not forget how annoying it would be to wake up feeling like a torch is being shone on your face on those extra sunny mornings.

mirror opposite bed

A full-length mirror is both a convenient and elegant addition to your home, and you can can check out our favourite full body mirror for your dressing room here. Finding the right place to hang allows you to get all the mirror has to offer while avoiding temporary blindness and unpleasant sun rays in your face as you get the last of your sleep.

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