The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Mirror Spotless

Are you still using newspaper to clean your mirrors? You might regret it. Newspapers are no longer printed with the same sort of inks that used to make them ideal for mirror cleaning. Because of the colour printing technology that nearly all newspapers make use of today, the inks in them will leave unsightly residues on your mirror.

Despite this, some people still advise the use of newspapers as the best way of how to clean a mirror today. We don’t think that is right, so here are our top mirror cleaning tips for how to clean a mirror.

Use a Microfibre Cloth

Newspapers are no longer the great mirror cleaning items they once were despite what you might read elsewhere. That said, there is a modern alternative that works perfectly. All you need is a microfibre cloth to do the job. Flat-weaved ones are best for mirrors and windows.

Always ensure you are using a clean cloth for this job. Either put yours in the washing machine and dry it or use a brand new one. These cloths are more expensive than standard ones but not by much. The difference you will see means that the extra expense is truly worth it.

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Prepare the Surface with a Mist

Among the most important mirror cleaning tips is to place rubbing alcohol on the surface with a cotton pad. The sort of pads you use to remove cosmetics are perfect. This will reduce the grease on the surface. Work quickly all over the mirror since alcohol evaporates fast.

Next, mist your mirror with a fine spray of window cleaning product. Don’t soak it – a fine a spray as possible is best. If your mirror’s reflective surface is too wet before you start using your cloth on it, then the cloth will end up becoming soaked and it simply will not be as effective..

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Fold Your Cloth to Keep It Clean

You will soon wipe over your mirror with your microfibre cloth but don’t use the same part for the whole mirror since fibres will pick up dirt which you may end up just smearing around. Fold your cloth into quarters so you can use a clean part of it for each section of the mirror.

If you have a white wood mirror, then you can also use a separate section of the cloth for the frame. A white wood mirror that serves as a window mirror will end up looking perfect if you use this method. Indeed, you won’t know whether you are looking into a mirror or through a window by the end of it.

Clean in Zig-Zags Like a Window Cleaner

Work your cloth in a back-and-forth motion just as professional window cleaners do. Not only does this ensure you clean every part of the mirror without missing any sections, but it reduces the likelihood of you ending up with unwanted streaks, too. There is a reason that professional window cleaners use a zig-zag pattern– it is to avoid streaking formed by the cleaning material itself.

Therefore, you should apply the same tried and tested technique when wiping your mirror down to clean it. The best way to get spotless results is to work from the top of the mirror and make gradual progress downwards to the bottom, remembering to use a new section of your cloth for each quarter of the surface.

Spot Clean Any Remaining Scuff Marks

The final tip you need to consider is one that many people overlook. Having cleaned your mirror well, you may simply stand back and admire. And yet, there may be some scuff marks that you cannot see when you look directly at the surface of the mirror. Instead, you should look at the mirror’s surface from a more sideways-on position. A close inspection from an acute angle may reveal scuff marks that you just can’t detect when looking at it face-on.

To get rid of any remaining marks, spray the window cleaner product onto your cloth rather than the mirror’s surface and wipe it over the mark. Next, buff it with a dry section of cloth so that all the smearing disappears fully from view. Repeat this process for any other scuff marks that are apparent until you have dealt with them all successfully.

Your mirror should now look as good as the day you first bought it!

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Now you have all the information you need to keep them looking as good as new, why not browse our mirrors? You won’t regret it.

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