We are now more than six weeks into 2021 and already numerous home décor trends have emerged. Home styling and fashions are constantly changing and developing with many styles coming back on trend at different times of the year. Keeping your space cosy and comfortable as well as looking chic with what is current can be time consuming!

As we are all having to spend more time indoors, most of us have probably spent an afternoon or two decorating a room or refreshing a space in our homes. Ensuring we have a relaxing environment in one room at least is vital with a national lockdown. None of us want the feeling of being confined in our homes and the trends for multi-purpose living spaces and bringing the outside in can definitely be attributed to the current pandemic.   

If you are in the middle of a home clear out and curious what trends top designers are using in 2021, here are 4 of our favourites! Use these as a springboard to help you recreate your dream space this year.

1) Bringing the outside In

Let’s be honest, we would all rather be outside enjoying time with friends or family. But since we can’t, it seems bringing natural elements into our homes is the next best thing. Home design in 2021 is featuring more natural beauty and spring-themed colours.

Try hanging some botanical prints of various tropical, flora and fauna arrangements. You can choose prints of everything from exotic plants, intricate flowers, and plants to mushrooms and palm trees! Or maybe some dried flowers is more your thing?

With many of us spending far too long on our various screens, introducing nature themed prints of greenery and natural elements will add interest and texture as well as helping us all to unwind and recharge. You don’t need to be green figured to enjoy a green home.

dried flowers

2) Soft, attractive lighting

Lighting is a key element in our everyday lives but with so many of us working from home or spending time on virtual calls catching up with friends and family it’s more important than ever now to get the right balance of lighting in our homes.   

Whether you are lucky enough to have a home office or do your zoom calls in the kitchen, ensuring you have appropriate lighting is key. It improves the mood and can create a warm and bright ambiance as opposed to gloomy and unattractive spaces. Look at different lighting options for different areas of the home, lamps are great for this.

A simple table lamp will help provide a soft glow while you are on screen and help avoid a dark, shadowy face.

3) Chill out, cosy corners

More time inside = less formal rooms. With no one formally entertaining at the moment the function of our homes has shifted. Households spending so much time together want to feel relaxed and comfortable.

We recommend incorporating more layers and textures to transform a neutral space to a snuggly retreat. Try and avoid sharp lines and instead introduce curved, smooth furnishings. Touches of wood have a warm feeling, soft lighting and textiles like blankets and cushions can quickly warm up a cold, uninviting space.

What cover do you have on your sofa? A softer fabric and deep jewel tone will give your front room a homely feel.


cosy sofa

4) Cottagecore

You may already be involuntarily styling your home in one of 2021’s biggest trends.

Cottagecore style is inspired by the countryside and is homely, often floral and should be comfortable to be in. One of the big benefits is that you can also do it cheaply!

Creating a cottagecore interior is easy to achieve with a small budget and just a few changes to your standard décor. Common style choices are dried flowers, animal-themed wallpaper, floral patterns and rustic furniture. Imagine you were living in a beautiful cottage surrounded by rolling countryside – what would be inside the cottage?

When it comes to colour palettes, you’ll need to invest in mostly muted colours. Think pale greens, muted yellows and warm blush. If something is cosy and comfy and looks like you have taken it from your grandma’s home, then you are on the right track!

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